Archibal MICHIELS vers ma page personnelle en français

You may have noticed my funny Christian name, Archibal. The loss of the final d was the first mutilation I experienced in this vale of tears. I sometimes do not hesitate to put the d back in, so don't think there are two people around in Liège bearing nearly the same name. They resolve - not too schizo-frenetically - into one.

Academically, my interests lie in the field of computational linguistics, more particularly computational lexicography and lexicology, use of lexical resources for NLP, and parsing with Prolog. My main scientific publications are the following:

- Traitement du langage naturel et Prolog : une introduction, Hermès, Paris, 1991
- Horatio, a Middle-sized NLP application in Prolog, L3, Liège, 1995

Horatio is a parser/generator for a subset of English written in Arity Prolog. It is geared towards the teaching of Prolog for NLP. It can be downloaded from this site. The distribution package is in ZIP format for DOS and includes a readme file. A full description is to be found in the book referred to above, which can be ordered from our department (L3, Department of English, University of Liège, 3, Pl. Cockerill, B-4000 Liège, Belgium; fax: +32-4-366 57 21. The price is 20 euros.

I have recently been working on a project challengingly called DEFI, whose purpose is to help the user understand and/or translate a text in a foreign language (English for French-speaking people).
The system attempts to sift through the information provided by bilingual and monolingual dictionaries to present the user with the translations that are computed to be the most appropriate for the item the user will have asked information on, based on the context the item occurs in in the text the user is trying to understand and/or translate.
The project draws on both the Robert/Collins and the Oxford/Hachette English to French dictionaries.
Monolingual resources include the WordNet semantic hierarchies. The dictionary resources are available to our team in machine-readable form under research contracts with the publishers.

I can be reached by fax (+32-4-366 57 21 attn A.Michiels), or by email (

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