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A0U 2283 American travellers became stranded in Europe and turned into expatriates or exiles in Henry James's novels, shadowy amalgamation of foreign manners with shreds of familiar accents that were up to the narrator to decipher, but it couldn't happen to her, not in 1928, even with a crash.

A73 2946 The black clouds had parted to show between them shreds of summer sky turned sickly green.

AC5 205 Dot liked the reassuring look of those dumplings, plump and pale, floating amongst the shreds of yellowish green in the huge pan.

AC6 1041 And often, as I sat writing such poems that helped me cling to the last shreds of my many identities, I would suddenly sense that you were indeed approaching.

AMB 1686 In one corner was a bed made from books and shreds of paper from old magazines.

AMB 1693 He disappeared from the room and Endill, too dazed to do anything else, curled up in the shreds of paper.

ASR 1327 Some are undoubtedly produced when ropy strands or shreds of sticky lava are flung up out of the vent, twisting and turning slightly in the air before falling back to earth; these are known as rope or ribbon bombs, and they may be as much as one metre long.

B19 354 In spite of the occupations I have followed for the last thirty years, shreds of science remain.

BN1 2082 Looking back, the precipitous shreds of sheeting rain effectively sanctioned a cordon between himself and what had gone before.

C86 3337 Shreds of rubber twisted and coiled at the edge of the highway.

C90 356 Such societies were scoured for individuals to whom some shreds of legitimate authority appeared to cling, with sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, results.

CAJ 1580 Like Julian Barnes' A History Of The World In 10½ Chapters , the novel is -- once the shreds of ulterior motive have been filed away -- simply a series of impersonations.

CB7 991 She dropped the pieces on the floor to join the scattered shreds of the postcard from the Thorwaldsen Museum.

CBN 1256 He had no shreds of status clinging to him.

CD1 1788 Staring out of the bus window, as it made its agonisingly slow progress to the suburbs, she was reminded of those sort of vampire films that featured graveyards with their own (apparently) microcosmic climates: characters walked out of bright sunshine into a zone of endless twilight where, at critical moments, shreds of drifting fog obscured the doings beside or within the burial plots.

CD3 253 Coffin&rehy;plates, elm-chips, bright-headed nails, and shreds of black cloth, lay scattered on the floor; and the wall behind the counter was ornamented with a lively representation of two mutes in very stiff neckcloths, on duty at a large private door, with a hearse drawn by four black steeds, approaching in the distance.

CE7 893 Welcoming Lenin's New Economic Policy, he expressed the hope that the development of Anglo-Soviet trade would persuade Russia to `throw away the last shreds of Bolshevism and Communism by which it is at present fettered.'

CG3 648 There were nothing but shreds of leaves, gnawed stems, and barren shoots.

CHB 1784 `Sphereality' was recorded live in concert and finds Crawlspace hanging on to the shreds of their psychedelic shape-shifting strum (last featured on the 45 they made with Mooseheart Faith), only this time they are even more adventurous and what unravels goes far beyond any trip/trance acid groove.

CL7 541 He kept remarking on Jeremy's resourcefulness: shreds of silver indicated that he had used his survival blanket, and he had also stuffed leaves down his trousers for insulation.

CLX 807 Severed human limbs, heads and trunks lay scattered over a wide area; other human remains, accompanied by tattered shreds of uniform, hung grotesquely from the remaining tree branches.

CM8 1398 Injuries in war and disasters provide numerous anecdotes of the anaesthetic effects of shock; a doctor in the aftermath of London's Clapham rail crash of 1988 reported having treated several victims lying or sitting by the track in a state of bewilderment and oblivious of serious wounds; in one case an ankle was completely severed other than for a few shreds of flesh.

ED9 1211 Shreds of plastic, old iron, glass, animal bones littered both sides of the path.

FAG 348 The one-inch maps of the east Midland counties are splashed all over with these shreds of green, usually distinguishable from true, ancient woodland by their small size and their regular shape.

G02 2128 Now there were bones -- full set, ribs, pelvis, clavicles the lot -- draped in bloody shreds of denim.

G0E 1013 The black and white wooden pole used as the cordon had been completely shattered; shreds of wood lay scattered in the rain.

G0E 3257 The thing was wearing clothing still; shreds of fabric still clung to it and were somehow interwoven with the grey and leprous flesh.

G0V 808 The ageing American actor's face was lean as a skull -- she'd never come across anyone who was on so strict a diet: the man never ate anything except biltong -- thin shreds of dried beef that he had specially imported from South America.

G0V 820 Her voice made it clear that Stan was a servant and a man, and that she wore only the wet, torn shreds of her nightgown.

G0V 1147 She lay, waiting, unable to take her eyes off the top of the rubble, oblivious to the fact that she was lying on top of the soft, warm shreds of a body.

G1S 1122 Tiny shreds of tobacco scattered across his shirt front and he brushed them away.

G1S 2190 Johnny kissed her, and the last shreds of his restraint, and hers, were vanquished.

G2D 2337 fine shreds of orange rind, to decorate

G33 2518 All over the northern Highlands are shreds of birch and hazel woodland which are perceptibly decaying under grazing pressure from under-culled red deer and unenclosed sheep.

GUE 273 If she wanted to hang on to the shreds of her professional reputation she'd better start by controlling her haywire emotions.

GUE 680 Abruptly, all she wanted was to escape, escape that pitying, patronising gleam in his eyes, escape the mounting tension which was threatening to annihilate the last, precarious shreds of her self-control.

GUF 4090 But he still tried to maintain some shreds of panache.

GUK 662 Red shreds of flesh.

GUT 449 They did what little they could for Edward, cutting away the shreds of his nightshirt, washing off the blood and mud, drying him, trying to keep him warm.

GVP 2291 If, on the other hand, someone had dragged his unconscious body after slugging him with Dora's missing golf-club, there might be other shreds of cloth lying about.

H7A 2625 The opinion of the child that morning, and of Timothy Gedge, was an opinion shared by the greater part of Dynmouth: there were the shreds of a traditional respect for his calling, and then impatience, occasionally contempt.

H8M 1340 Shreds of torn clothes disguised her battered body.

HA0 1199 The woman's face was covered with shreds of baby as she fell on the road.

HA9 3549 She sniffed haughtily, gathering her shreds of dignity about her as best she could.

HNJ 977 A steady breeze sent shreds of cloud tumbling across the face of the moon.

HTN 3056 Picking himself up, he threw his arms around the yeoman who was still plucking shreds of apple off his jerkin.

HTT 25 Just ten or fifteen minutes of it now would see him right, a short trip out through the islets and mudbanks where you could let the boat drift, lean over the stern and watch the inner life of the dirty green water, the shreds of seaweed and small branches and other shapes that sometimes proved to be alive, or focus on the surface, a depthless sheet of scum on which the pearly light shimmered in continual shifting patterns, or even look up to see a huge modern building, several storeys high, going for a stroll along a neighbouring island, the superstructure of a freighter putting out to sea along the deep-water channel&hellip

HTT 944 With a series of dull thuds and strangely intimate bumps the unloading began, punctuated by more of the raucous, inhuman whistles which finally blew away the remaining shreds of doubt in Zen's mind about the reality of the kidnapping.

J0S 60 She looked quickly under the woman's fingernails and saw some tiny shreds of whitish tissue under a couple of them.

JXW 4087 For a brief moment, as she battled with the last remaining shreds of her resistance, Lindsey could feel the thud of his heartbeat, then excitement exploded, heady and intoxicating, as her hands relaxed against the warmth of his chest.