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A0D 1514 She looked down at the sandal and with one worn finger gently moved the heel to and fro on its fragile shred of skin.

A1C 2001 The only shred of hope was a bundle of letters shoved behind the copper kettle, in Dad's handwriting, to his mum.

A6S 1020 This crucial element in Morgan's evidence is an illusion and there is not the slightest shred of evidence that those societies where large numbers of people can be referred to by the terms for parent are societies where marriage is either more or less individualistic.

A7A 2122 He picked a shred of tobacco off his lip.

ABH 1696 They were fitted into bombs in the Gulf on Monday -- without a shred of ministry paperwork intruding at any point.

ABR 496 The worst thing was that it appeared there was nothing they could do to stop it; the players had hardly a shred of belief left in themselves, and Gower was unable to instil any.

AHC 1701 `There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that we will win,' he says.

AN0 1172 Many interviews were quoted with contacts in East Europe, all of whom claimed to have proof that Crabb was still alive, but not a shred of evidence was ever produced to support any of these bizarre allegations.

ASS 24 The shred of fibre that was to send Henry Farr to the gallows was --'

BN1 2031 The path stretched from their current position, winding a little through the uneven clump of trees, to make its way as far as a bridge, before it dissolved into the distant shred of mist.

C8V 951 Hate, like love, picks up every shred of evidence to justify itself.

CD1 1924 He paused while he took another mouthful and chewed and swallowed it and she wondered if any shred of loyalty had survived her desertion.

CD1 2487 She relinquished her last shred of hope.

CDA 691 Without the slightest shred of evidence, those nebulous question marks stood out like warning beacons.

CH1 6764 You do the teacher in question a terrible injustice by putting these emotive labels on him without a shred of evidence that he presents a risk to the children he teaches.

CNA 211 (An irony of the conference was that not one shred of evidence was produced for the central assertion that three years' full time training in research was essential.)

CR9 2098 If the Muslims get arms, they believe, any shred of hope for a negotiated settlement would vanish and the world could expect at least one more round of slaughter.

ECT 2711 But by now I was crazed with the idea of doing something for this woman that retained some shred of playfulness to it, so she could think to herself: `All in fun, all in fun', and yet which conveyed the full force of the idea that I had been alone in that office that weekend with a huge erection thinking of her.

EDE 1126 The Act was destined to become something of a cause célèbre among successive generations of floggers who would fondly remember (although without a shred of evidence to support their claim) how flogging had put down the garotters and could be relied upon to stop Hooligans or Teddy Boys.

EF0 1470 For such a contention there would seem to be not a shred of evidence.

F99 495 She took in breath to scream, but it had caught her up like a shred of paper.

FR1 972 `No, I'm not saying that,' Preston continued, smiling in a manner which betrayed not a shred of sympathy.

FR8 1987 There's no shred of doubt.

FSD 276 I collected some of his foul scummy hairs in a matchbox, together with a nail clipping and a shred of one of his dirty tissues.

FSM 2227 I heard you were having a tough time,' responded Rossi, without a shred of real interest as he concentrated hard on his glass.

G0N 332 And the barely legible postmark removed the last shred of doubt about who had sent it.

G0V 1111 The green, tattered shred of the Sydonian flag still hung from one wall.

G1L 1354 Only then, Wolfprince, only when you are cowed and submissive, only when I have drawn from you every shred of defiance, when I have extracted every sliver of pleasure I can from your predicament, shall I take your soul.

GUF 1927 She was quite capable of going to the police and making accusations which, since she hadn't a shred of evidence, could only lead to trouble.

GUF 3720 But the fact remains that, in the matter of Marius Steen's death, we have not a solitary shred of evidence to go on.

GVB 489 The marks on the boughs and a shred of cloth that must have come from her cloak&hellip

GVC 1971 I haven't a shred of proof, but while Michelle certainly gets her Medmelton eyes from her mother, that midnight hair might come from both parents.

GVC 2791 `But even assuming there's a shred of truth in it, I can't see any way of proving it.'

GVL 1856 Out there is a whole world full of garbage and it gives me ulcers to throw one more shred of scum back on the heap.'

GVT 2671 This Rock and Roll was a manufactured music, with scarcely a shred of genuine folk content.

GWL 1321 Our Foreign Secretary, Douglas Hurd, was given three thrillers to review by the Daily Telegraph : Geoffrey (not to be confused with Lord) Archer's Eagletrap (Century), Clive Egleton's Hostile Intent (Hodder) and J K Mayo's A Shred of Honour (Harvill).

H7P 275 And with him had gone Miss Gemma Dallam's brown Chinese satin and every shred of hope Cara had cherished for the future.

H7P 425 This was an ordeal which, like all others, would eventually end and although she had made up her mind to suffer it, nothing obliged her to accord it so much as one shred of thought; or memory.

H8T 2265 Besides, as Minter was in the process of admitting, he had so far assembled not a shred of evidence to support his claim.

H8T 2865 `But there's not a shred of proof, is there?'

H8Y 80 Next to him on his left, keeping as far as possible from the coals as though to emphasize his lack of pretensions to warmth, was Percy Makepeace (`We're distantly welated to the Thackeways'), the pale shred of a mathematics teacher.

H92 3222 But I don't see that either of us could produce a shred of evidence to support our extremely unlikely thesis, so I don't see that we're much further advanced.

H92 3526 If she did, he didn't know what he would do; he had not a shred of evidence.

H9D 908 If you do, I'll forget every agreement we ever had, and I'll fight you with everything I've got, so that by the end you won't have a shred of reputation left --'

HH1 1008 Dragging about her every shred of the detachment she had learned over the years, she forced herself to concentrate on the immediate future.

HH3 1079 To others it means a chance to recycle whatever may still have a shred of use.

HHV 1630 Has the Prime Minister one shred of sympathy for Britain's beer drinkers?

HY5 252 Venetian diplomats were likely to demand every ceremonial honour to which they could assert any shred of claim, and to be very touchy when faced with any apparent threat, however slight, to their status.

J3A 129 This removes the last shred of justification for the World Bank's very existence."

K5M 5750 He said that even if the Budget measures did help 100,000 unemployed people, as the Chancellor forecast, it meant that `out of every 30 people out of work, 29 will get not a shred of help at all from the Budget'.