HAVOC in the bnc

1  . He makes mistakes and causes havoc , in pursuit of the right course .

2  . The parish priest of Brackenstown , Swords , County Dublin , distributed a newsletter at all masses on Ascension Thursday , 22 May - though before he had read Archbishop MacNamara's guidelines on how to conduct the campaign - claiming that no-fault divorce was first introduced by Nazi Germany and that it had since wreaked "more havoc on the Allied countries than any German army or air force ever did" ( Irish Times , 28 June 1986) .

3  . Countless independent "free house" owners have copied brewers' fashions and wrought untold havoc with unassuming old country pubs before moving on to pastures new .

4  . A seven-spot ladybird bears down on a group of hapless aphids Plant bright , open flowers to attract the beneficent hoverfly Wed-spinning red spider mite can wreak havoc in the greenhouse Moles , cute but catastrophic Wood mice make short work of fruit crops Though it may snack on a strawberry , the ground beetle is an ally Biological warfare with Bacillus thuringiensis The frothy den of the froghopper , unaesthetic but harmless No fate is too cruel for voracious snails , here devouring Iris foetida This leopard slug , like all slugs , loves soils rich in organic matter Greenfly can literally suck a plant dry Cabbage white caterpillars hatch en masse Using colour Cool or warm , vivacious or romantic , a garden design depends on the colour mix The chemistry of colour pigmentation helps gardeners to understand the behaviour and health of their plants , but garden design depends much more on visual impact and appreciation .

5  . Down in Tranent , which was somewhere near Edinburgh , and anything could have happened there - but old Donald had had this from Cameron himself , and he got newspapers by the carrier's cart from Dunkeld - some miners had sworn not to serve , even if the King called on them , and the Volunteers had chased them into the cornfields and played havoc with their sabres___ That was a bad dream - like the "Forty-five again .

6  . Short Story Big is beautiful ___ bigger is better It was love at first sight but , little did they know , this growing pup - out in the big , wide world for the first time - would wreak havoc ROBERT KILLICK I was born in a barn , never knew my father , but was a very goodlooking baby - I could've won prizes .

7  . 5p at which they were suspended and reflects the financial havoc which has been wrought on the company's accounts as a consequence of the problems at its ISC Technologies subsidiary .

8  . The logjam on the railways is now playing havoc with the national economy .

9  . What we can still do is to escape at long last from the constitutional fiction which we once grasped to ease our transition from the capital of a worldwide empire to a nation state alongside other nation states , but which , having produced so much havoc here at home , has turned into an instrument for external duress to be brought to bear on our own political institutions .

10  . Billy Fullerton's Protestant gang from Bridgeton wreaked havoc on Catholics , especially if they incautiously made themselves easy targets by wearing a Celtic scarf .

11  . The feeling is that no amount of legislative safeguards can entirely eliminate the risk of a chemical spill , wreaking havoc in this watery landscape where a network of mountain streams fed by high rainfall could quickly wash the damage into the drinking water , or down to the mussel farm and salmon fishery at the mouth of Killary harbour .

12  . Stockists are on page 92 CLOTHES SHOW PROMOTION Even a typical British summer can wreak havoc with your skin , so with the holiday months approaching , it's time to nurture a beauty regime that will guard against the sun's drying effects .

13  . INFLATION causes havoc , we all know that .

14  . Taking heartxxxBut there is havoc and havoc .

15  . INFLATION causes havoc , we all know that .

16  . Taking heartxxxBut there is havoc and havoc .

17  . NB : When in Socialist countries , if something exquisite comes up , snap it up immediately , as centrally-planned economies can play havoc with the supply of tack .

18  . The ban , the first of its kind , would affect 120 , 000 Californian lawyers - and cause havoc for the scriptwriters of "LA Law" .

19  . The ban applies to both new construction and renovations , and will cause havoc to the building industry in a state already in economic difficulty .

20  . Then , in Wisden's delightful words , "it was the turn of the three pace bowlers to wreak havoc and so produce a feeling of contentment in the minds of their colleagues for the Test series ahead" .

21  . Yet all the most unspeakably wicked men in the world , who caused havoc and lurked in dim places ready to pounce again , came surging into her mind .

22  . But now , a few days later , he has decided to move house and is wreaking havoc in a tray of limonium plants .

23  . Three years ago I planted leopard's bane , and I haven't had a single leopard in the garden since ! R Williamson , Lenzi , Glasgow Hardly the daintiest of herbs , angelica can reach heights in excess of 6ft , with a three-foot spread Wreaking havoc : could Camberley be suffering the first invasion of delinquent teenage toads ? Frogs and birds pamper themselves with plumes of pampas grass Where to write Send your letters to : Over the Fence , BBC Gardeners' World Magazine , 20/26 Brunswick Place , London N1 6DJ .

24  . And the 18-hour day plays havoc with your social life .

25  . They said Left-wing Labour MPs , including many who opposed the abandonment of unilateralism after the 1987 election , would cause havoc for a Labour government .

26  . Peregrine Worsthorne , writing in The Sunday Telegraph , pointed out that if a foreign country had caused such havoc it would be termed "the enemy" .

27  . The pest , a tiny fawn-coloured mite called varroa which can cause havoc in commercial hives , has been discovered at an apiary run by the Torbay Beekeepers' Association .

28  . Angry and embittered , she considered "the usual options" : castration , murder , wreaking havoc in her former husband's life .

29  . Here , in the gymnasia and exercise studios , they are now worrying not so much about the effects of heavy-duty exercise on their bodily contours , but with the havoc it is wreaking on their faces .

30  . They have wreaked havoc that will take months to restore .

31  . International : Old hatreds rise to wreak havoc on the dead By FRANCIS HARRIS "THERE were no political reasons behind this , it's just vandalism , " Pavel Edelstein said , looking around the remains of the Pribram Jewish cemetery before turning away to engage a group of old women in conversation .

32  . It could have been much worse because London itself lay defenceless before them , and they could have wreaked havoc in the capital .

33  . During the reign of Elizabeth I , English seamen such as Drake , Hawkins , Grenville and Raleigh exasperated the Spanish by their expeditions to the Americas , and the Roman Catholic King Philip of Spain also considered Elizabeth I a heretic ; so he despatched a great fleet of galleons , in 1588 , named "The Armada" , to sail up the English Channel and transport a Spanish army of invasion from the Netherlands , but the smaller British ships played havoc with the mighty ships during their journey and stormy weather drove the remnants of the Armada around the British Isles , most of the ships being wrecked at various points , including the Atlantic west coast of Ireland .

34  . Oliver Cromwell , a Puritan , raised his New Model Army , with the support of Parliament , after he had observed the defeat of the Parliamentary forces at Edgehill , in which the King's General of horses , Prince Rupert , played havoc with the footsoldiers with cavalry charges .

35  . Look at all the havoc and destruction you've caused because of your nastiness .

36  . Though all these exploits were undertaken with schoolboy high spirits , no one lost sight of the fact that these swashbuckling deeds of derring-do were a dress rehearsal for the serious havoc the men were to wreak in France .

37  . Much havoc has he made of both .

38  . The king called Maclean of Duart to Edinburgh , to explain just what he thought he was at , creating havoc all over the west coast .

39  . Johnny Cooper thought it almost impossible that three men carrying only sixty small bombs between them had created such havoc and destruction .

40  . The first was for Lieutenant Harry Poat to take a jeep patrol to create as much havoc as possible to the west of Tripoli , while the main army attack went in .

41  . According to Coatney , this discovery "created havoc bordering on hysteria .

42  . In the structure of a building , most havoc is wrought by penetration of rain and damp .

43  . Direct sunlight plays havoc with the varnish .

44  . The hero , Beowulf , does battle with Grendel and Grendel's mother , two enormous monsters which haunt the swamps - "moras" in Anglo-Saxon - from which they emerge to wreak havoc before returning to a mere in the very heart of the fen : "The lake which they inhabit lies not many miles from here , overhung with groves of rime-crusted trees whose thick roots darken the water .

45  . The "mouldiwarps" , or moles , are the bane of drainage men , since their tunnels play havoc with banks and channels ; and even now , water authorities employ mole-catchers .

46  . We had also determined to acquit ourselves well in the removal of fish from their natural habitat , and Blair and I set out one evening intent upon playing havoc with Ythan sea-trout .

47  . A Devil , mischievous , destructive but lovable , appears and contrives by various ruses , such as that of disguising himself as a beautiful girl , to amuse himself in causing havoc and death among the soldiers and finally , by playing furiously upon his violin , to force the villagers to dance to death .

48  . SCROOGE ! Does your horse play havoc with your budget ? In the first of a two-part series , Carolyn Henderson looks at how to cope when time means money .

49  . So extensive was the havoc wrought in those two days that it was only many months afterwards that a complete picture began to emerge of what had happened .

50  . In need of a cheap , large labour force after the economic and social havoc wrought by the Second World War , migration from the Caribbean and other "New Commonwealth , countries was encouraged by both commercial and public sector British employers .

51  . He suggests that climatic variations almost certainly influence personal behaviour and that specific types of weather can cause an increase in anti-social behaviour in many groups , ranging from schoolchildren causing havoc in the classroom to outbreaks of violence among those taking part in mass demonstrations .

52  . But tossed about by a cruel world , Iris is not the sort of girl who quietly puts up with her destiny - just as the flower beneath which she reads for a moment , while a woman's revenge wreaks horrible havoc in the final minutes , is not just an ordinary cactus .

53  . It's 1984 , and falling prices are wreaking havoc in the oil business .

54  . A dog running loose which is not in the control of its owner can wreak havoc among sheep and cattle grazing in fields , particularly when two or more dogs come together and follow their natural pack-hunting instinct .

55  . Sometimes they caused havoc in gardens where the gates had been incautiously left open .

56  . The potential of genetically engineered organisms to wreak environmental havoc have been discussed by Bains (1987) and Barkay et al .

57  . The questions that must be asked relate to the promises that it presents , especially in the context of world food supplies and the alleviation of environmental pollution , and the caution that it necessitates in relation to the potential ecological havoc it may wreak .

58  . " Also Landseer came to Green's rescue on this , his favourite subject , and wrote in the New London Review , "It does not appear that the landed proprietors among these mountains , feel a necessity for improvements of this sort , by the havoc that is displayed in the felling of their woods and coppices .

59  . Fortunately I had a tide-table with me which played havoc with the original extravagant plans as they had only three days to shoot the 15 minutes of film they needed .

60  . Together these events disrupt the climate and sea currents across wide areas of the Pacific , causing havoc to animal , fish , and bird life as well as to humans .

61  . The mines would create havoc in built-up areas .

62  . How can measles virus escape the body's natural defences to wreak such havoc ? Much remains unknown about viral persistence but in general it results from stalemate in the battle between the virus and the body .

63  . Compounds such as hexachlorobenzene , trichloroethylene or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are increasingly building a reputation for life-threatening toxicity , and a habit of escaping from factories or dump sites to play havoc with the environment .

64  . The currents so produced can create havoc , even causing whole plants to shut down .

65  . In plants for the most part unprotected , RFI can create eerie havoc : valves can open inadvertently , controller set-points can wander , and alarms can go off seemingly inexplicably .

66  . It also needs a second additive to help it dissolve and raises the vapour pressure of petrol , which can cause havoc with a car's Fuel pumping system .

67  . But a very few aphids transmitting a virus can cause havoc to sugar beet , for instance .

68  . Gulf oil spill cannot compare with Amoco Cadiz THE OIL slick that threatens to cause havoc in the Arabian Gulf over the next few weeks comes from a spill less than one tenth the size of a supertanker's cargo .

69  . As far as it goes , the book is a useful catalogue of the havoc wrecked by Reagan , but it is openly partisan and should be read as such .

70  . In any event , those wretches played havoc with your LOFT versus Super-SARA article (This week , 24 March , p 787) .

71  . The noxious substance contained in the two anal glands , one on either side of the animal's rectum , is called butyl mercaptan and it plays havoc with a predator's face .

72  . 31) Every action which is accepted as kindly , every individual act of devotion and sacrifice , whether made in the havoc of war or in times of peace , every act of generosity and in fact every good thing which has resulted from the endless struggle to uphold the decision to master the violent and lustful urges which are a legacy from the evolutionary process , will play its part in providing units of goodness to be enshrined in the Created God .

73  . One readily accepts this interpretative excellent , but what is the cost ? That's rather like having a King Lear spiritually emoting with an insight which may transcend any previous realisation , whilst unfortunately playing havoc with the syntax , changing and/or forgetting words , and mumbling so that certain words inaudible to the unaware onlooker can be understood only by the expert who knows the text ! Record reviewers criticise from the standpoint of their own knowledge and experience , which is at once a strength , but carries with it inherent weaknesses .

74  . Up until now serious collectors have tended to rely on the famous New York Stadium/Stokowski version in Francesca , and either Szell or Karajan in the Marche (of which there is a ludicrously overinflated 40 plus versions in the current catalogue) ! Even in such exalted company , Rozhdestvensky holds his own (although Szell's breathtaking final coda to the Marche remains a uniquely compelling experience) , and what a joy to hear a native Russian orchestra accorded engineering which for once does them proud ! The full-throttle climaxes of Francesca are delivered with a frenzied desperation which is guaranteed to play havoc with all but the most robust of dispositions , and the spine-tingling emotionalism of the gloriously protracted central section is entered into with a fearlessness which borders on the overwhelming - one can feel this music coursing through the orchestra's veins .

75  . So selective breeding has played havoc with the natural coat of the cat , producing types of animal that would not all thrive in the wild today .

76  . As she passed the back door she noticed that the lid had fallen off the dustbin and the fresh spring wind was playing havoc with the bits of paper and odds and ends that lay strewn on the tiled path .

77  . This not only disturbed the Junker sense of social stability , but played havoc with their income since it opened up the estates to the market force of unfettered labour : the Junkers were obliged to acknowledge a world that they had been desperately trying to shut out .

78  . Environmentalists are campaigning for Antarctica to be awarded World Park status before exploration companies wreak havoc on the huge colonies of wildlife .

79  . He created havoc and caused many long faces amongst the island's hierarchy by taking six for 16 in 6 overs .

80  . This not merely scattered them but wreaked havoc on the transports which had got out of harbour ; 12 were sunk of which seven went down with all on board .

81  . Delays through recurrent faults are inevitable and play havoc with operational schedules and incur delay costs .

82  . " RAINDANCING Faced with a national drought that was playing havoc with his own garden and those of his village neighbours , one Richard Bullock took matters into his own hands and ended up in the dock for his pains .

83  . Consequently the daughter is left to pick up the pieces of the havoc caused by the strain of raised blood-pressure and general anxiety the next day .

84  . If you choose to bury the pipe , please ensure that both ends are above the surface of the gravel , or the eel will wreak havoc with your decor .

85  . " The high life can , of course , play havoc with the waistline but Caine has it well under control .

86  . At this point the strings were flapping against the fingerboard , and although this kind of treatment played havoc with the tuning it soon stabilised .

87  . This is a critical feature on such an instrument , as a badly cut nut here would wreak havoc on playability .

88  . Why is it that hearing loss can play havoc with self-confidence ? Here are some reasons : Mishearing can cause misunderstandings which may be embarrassing or even funny but certainly not reassuring .

89  . Buttery spirits There was a strong moral belief in old England that evil spirits only had power over ill-gotten goods , thus explaining why ABBEY LUBBERS could only wreak havoc amongst monks once corrupt behaviour had been evidenced .

90  . However , if mistreated the bwca will create havoc in the household by smashing crockery , pinching children , tearing clothes , telling secrets out loud , even tossing babies out of their cradles .

91  . Main success-implants seem to be the "Popcorn" -ish synth-squiggle- and the four-and-a-half-minute intro on the "Dream Sequence Mix" ; which sees featured singers Mike Anthony and Alessandra soaring against the elements and creating havoc when squirted over a rabid club .

92  . Courageous in taking on the over-spending bogey that did such havoc in 1987 , it nevertheless opened the floodgates to a fortnight of "we can give away more tax than you" , and exchanges between the two parties of a staggering triviality that effectively supplanted any wider debate about the economy .

93  . It is sad to see that the Thatcher years have not only wreaked social , economic and political havoc , but also induced intellectual decay , even on the left .

94  . Presentation of such patients in A&E departments must cause havoc , and although the police have powers to use the Mental Health Act , they may well be unwilling to become involved .

95  . I just think that will have to change , because it is creating utter havoc and misery in the community .

96  . Mackenzie Walcott lamented "it is almost inconceivable the waste that has mercilessly made havoc of the ancient Memorials that gave renown to Stamford" .

97  . Too many puddings and mince pies had wreaked havoc with Santa's waistline , and all those narrow chimneys to wriggle down on Christmas Eve meant he needed an instant solution .

98  . That was when drought dried up the lawns , playing havoc with lawnmower sales and profits .

99  . Fred's wrong turn causes M-way chaos A PENSIONER caused havoc after getting lost and driving the wrong way up a motorway .

100  . " Cold snap continues EXETER's meeting tomorrow offers the main hope of a resumption to jumps racing as freezing conditions continue to cause havoc around the country .

101  . Rain threat continues RAIN continued to play havoc with the week's fixtures yesterday , claiming four meetings and threatening to hit more .

102  . Rain causes havoc THE weather continued to disrupt the National Hunt programme yesterday , threatening a big weekend of racing .

103  . One can imagine , in the circumstances , what havoc it caused in Charles Titford's house and shop across the bridge___ Perhaps we might have a look at things , at this stage , through the eyes of young Benjamin Titford , the youngest surviving son , left motherless at nine years old ; waving his big brother William Charles goodbye as he set off for London soon afterwards ; watching brother John cough himself into an early grave ; listening to endless conversations about high prices , shortages , and a war across the channel ; dragged out of his bed in the middle of the night to cries of "Fire ! " and "Flood ! " ; struggling to keep warm every winter ; watching his father die of a long illness - these experiences made his childhood , in modern terms , an awful , albeit a dramatic one .

104  . Mr McGiffert stated that he was concerned that the large volume of traffic caused by the new golf course would wreak havoc , with farm machinery and animals using the same road .

105  . The traffic going to Mr McGiffert's shopping complex did not wreak havoc on the Ringdufferin Road , nor would I expect the traffic going to the golf course to do so .

106  . The only way of getting to a magician was at the celebrations on Hallowe'en night , but after the broomstick display , which Mildred had ruined the year before , she felt very worried about creating any more havoc in that direction .

107  . Lose not your heart to the prince , child - he will wreak havoc with many a feminine heart , I doubt not , ere he reaches his majority .

108  . (Also , as we shall see in chapter eight , Kant divided the world of metaphysics from the world of the senses and created havoc for theology and philosophy generally .

109  . The face of Helen of Troy is said to have launched a thousand ships , and the beauty of Cleopatra created havoc in the Roman Empire .

110  . A small battery-powered fan whirled the smoke away and generally tried to stir up the humid air which played such havoc with Ellen's precious books in their orange-crate shelves .

111  . It can play havoc with your bookkeeping and create chaos with your VAT .

112  . To describe them as having a "positive lifestyle" is laughable considering the laws they break and the havoc they cause .

113  . With a confusing number of Lo Life impersonators causing havoc around New York , this is , unfortunately , where people come looking for payback .

114  . The Mayo Environmental Group has also used videos to document the havoc wreaked at other mining sites in Ireland .

115  . The courage the British captain had shown on numerous dangerous patrols into enemy waters and the havoc he had wrought against shipping there was something I could never match in a hundred years .

116  . Not for one moment did the two men believe that they would see anything , and they were determined not to allow the foggy weather to play havoc with their imaginations .

117  . He then hatched his plots to kidnap families and wreak havoc on their lives .

118  . Mildenhall AC FROST and snow wreaked havoc on the area's fishing and condemned all but the most intrepid of anglers to a day of domesticity .

119  . Starting near the Cat and Fiddle Inn the raging tide of mud and uprooted trees created havoc in the narrow valley , sweeping away bridges , large sections of road and anything else in its path .

120  . It is all too easy to get foreign bodies into the pipe , which will wreak havoc with pumps and valves at a later date .

121  . But they can also cause havoc to buildings .

122  . But the combination of a dryish sheath and a fairly large member played havoc with the outer ring , which must stay outside .

123  . Then it's like a whirlwind , reaping havoc where peace once reigned .

124  . Operating out of a tiny flat on the Left Bank , the cell had succeeded in spreading some interesting biochemical havoc across half of the United European Community .

125  . If it is an illness , is there a cure - or any hope , do you think , of a happy future for us ? Or should I , reluctantly , end the relationship - which , apart from the aggravation and the havoc , is very good and loving ? She is not an irresponsible teenager .

126  . What a spectre , it's Benny ! THE ghost of Benny Hill is alive and well - and causing havoc ! We have this on no less an authority than Golden Girls actress Bea Arthur , who has been chased by Benny's spirit around her London flat .

127  . GUESTS : Boris Becker and girlfriend Babs HEAD-TURNER : Bride Jessica leaves the church with smiling Michael A twist in the tale ! A PRIEST carries on preaching in Hawaii - despite the havoc wreaked by Hurricane Iniki .

128  . Wright and Bright caused havoc among defences before Palace sold Wright to Arsenal .

129  . But Solomona caused more havoc with another explosive burst and the ball was fanned right for full-back Sean Tyrer to stroll over for a sixth Oldham try .

130  . And a host of other crewmen were injured as sudden gusts caused havoc during the racing off the Isle of Wight .

131  . " Nerves can play havoc with someone's ability to tell a good story .

132  . The blazing inferno of a plasma package likewise would wreak little major havoc upon such volcano-forged material - while barrage bombs and thermonukes would leave precious little by way of city or population to command .

133  . Let the ram through ! Gianni ! Let him through , he's causing havoc back there ! Ho ! Ho ! Wake up , ruffruff , Fido , blast you ! " Even so , Piladu knew that once milking was over the facts had to be faced , and faced in the kitchen where his wife would be listening .

134  . It would be easy for Therapy ? to fling back the prison door and let this crazy loose to wreak havoc but , to their credit , they resist this temptation and push your nose even closer to the bars , where the full extent of their character's madness is revealed through a wiry guitar drone and , especially effective this , a sudden swarm of string arrangement .

135  . There's an inevitability about their return , just as there was an inevitability about the fate that befell Mozzer in his chosen role as God's Last English Pop Star when he played havoc with the crowd's jovial togetherness beforehand .

136  . Showdown At Glastonbury comes to a close with the argument still raging - is it a blissful summer gathering or slovenly layabouts causing havoc in the countryside ? TOASTIN' THE MACHINE Over in President Clinton-land , CARTER USM are gigging and plugging and finding a new lease of life winning the hearts of America's indie kids .

137  . PREPARING FOR WINTER British weather can play havoc with the fabric of our homes , given the chance .

138  . EXTERIOR PAINTING Our damp climate can play havoc with the fabric of a home once it penetrates its defences .

139  . Large hermit crabs ( Dardanus species) dwarf lobsters ( Eneptometopus species) and , in particular , the Mantis Shrimp ( Odontodactylus species) can cause havoc in a well-stocked reef aquarium attacking and feeding upon a wide range of mobile and non-mobile invertebrate forms and small fish .

140  . Zekes sweep in fast - and low ! - to wreak havoc among the aircraft parked out at Wheeler Field .

141  . <catRef target='allAva2 wriATy2 wriAud3 wriDom3 wriLev3 wriMed2 wriPP921 wriSta2 wriTAS3 wriTim2'> aviation history modern airshows 1994-11-24 Initial accession to corpus dominic NEWS___ In the wake of Andrew HURRICANE ANDREW ripped through southern Florida and caused havoc during late August .

142  . Seeing him wreak such havoc among a supposedly invincible foe , the Elves within the shrine were heartened .

143  . The havoc was all but over .

144  . Frustrated at this set-back Azhag headed south , where the horde wreaked havoc , destroying the town of Forstich before turning back east through the Great Forest and into Ostermark once more .

145  . After wreaking havoc throughout the Middenland and defeating an army led by the Count of Middenheim , Grom reached the shores of the ocean .

146  . For our purposes , however , their most serious fault is Plekhanov's assumption of the truth of a thoroughgoing holism , which wreaks havoc with his reasoning .

147  . It has to be two ! Or do you want me to wreak havoc on the supper tables ? " Bristow smiled .

148  . They had all gone ! What vile magic was this ? Surely that gun could not have wreaked this havoc ! No , it was evil sorcery .

149  . 8% , but in Spain , where the dead hand of the European Monetary System is wreaking havoc , ships rose only 9 .

150  . The goat , being a goat , wreaks havoc , and the tenant grows desperate .

151  . Certainly it is in the private sector , where the only bribe that counts is low prices , where fierce competition and price wars have been wreaking havoc among Europe's surviving computer makers .

152  . The next welfare state Instead of tinkering , Britain's government needs to rethink the case for public spending THERE is nothing like an election in mid-recession to wreak havoc with public finances .

153  . It will not do to suggest that prose is always the inferior state , of course , since Edgar in prose is a better man than Edmund ( King Lear ) , as he is in verse , and Iago ( Othello ) works equal havoc in both media .

154  . The most significant difference at the search and investigation stage is that the national press will retain interest in a case only if there is scope for the construction of a sex fiend who continues to wreak havoc on a community .

155  . Politics continues to wreak havoc on the National Endowment for the Arts .

156  . However , if the husband were forced to pay , this would create havoc in the labour market , and would introduce an employer/employee relationship into marriage , thus exacerbating existing dependencies and ine&rehy ; qualities of status between husbands and wives .

157  . The heatwave which stole Ivano's snowfields has also been wreaking rockfall havoc around the massif , with many normally safe routes becoming places to tread warily .

158  . The quarter mill map doesn't really cater for long flights , where a significant shift in wind direction might play havoc with the navigation at a later stage but , even then , you can cater for such circumstances .

159  . When Cleese split up with his co-writer and wife , the American actress Connie Booth , there was uproar - not because of the havoc it caused in his private life , but because the Great British Public was not to get any more episodes of Fawlty Towers ! He promptly dated , and later married , another American actress , Connie Booth lookalike , Barbara Trentham .

160  . Forty tiny fingers could wreak havoc if let loose , for they know from experience that their 4-year-old quads have a habit of hiding the prettiest ribbons and baubles .

161  . which is wreaking havoc on my nerves .

162  . The cavalry , combined with archers and crossbowmen , played havoc among the Welsh .

163  . We are vulnerable , like everyone else , to prejudice , and are conscious of how much havoc bigotry , the excesses of blind faith , and the tyranny which often accompanies it , can inflict on the world .

164  . Since the beginning of the century , militant factions had become increasingly active , conducting a prolonged guerilla war , raiding Roman supply caravans , attacking isolated contingents of Roman troops , harassing Roman garrisons , wreaking as much havoc as possible .

165  . Unexpected demands on your money can cause havoc with even the most carefully planned budgets - at least for a short while .

166  . It destroys jobs ; discourages investment ; erodes the country's competitiveness ; and plays havoc with the Government's accounts .

167  . And anyway , by now the son of the house had come in for his midday meal , turned on the television , created havoc out of the quiet day .

168  . For several months , under the command of William le Clerc , a defrocked priest and a well-known captain of mercenaries , they wrought havoc in the Limousin .

169  . In 1183 Mercadier was just the commander of yet another of the bands of routiers which were busily spreading havoc in the southern Limousin , but in the next fifteen years he became the most famous professional soldier in Europe .

170  . As it happens , the concrete evidence about marriage in the &quot1910 sample&quot analysed in Chapter 6 (those women in the trade in 1910) very largely relates to women who were aged about 18/28 during the Great War , and it could reasonably be argued that the war played such havoc with the marriage chances of this generation that it will have contained an unusually high proportion of women who never married .

171  . Templeton went on to explain how employing women played havoc with this arrangement : When the females get their work to set up , the whole of what we term the &quotfat&quot is taken out , that is all the space is taken out and they simply get close matter to set , and they get paid for that .

172  . Moreover , the whole shape of knowledge changes ; the intermingling of psychology , philosophy and occultism in early editions of Dewey became a classifier's nightmare , until a recent edition caused havoc in innumerable libraries by radically uprooting whole sections and re-assigning them .

173  . The Wall Street Crash did not simply create havoc and ruin for stock market investors .

174  . In exchange for funds he would get the Ping Tiao to do his dirty work - to burn the East European Plantations and create havoc with City Europe's food supplies , thus de-stabilising Li Shai Tung's City .

175  . It was unopposed at the third reading in July , though Lord Hinchingbrooke thought it "a State experiment in the life and happiness of our people and in my opinion like all State experiments , it will work havoc , bitterness and grave social damage" (Cullingworth , 1979 , p .

176  . This holding-back plays havoc with bodily functions , and research is continually showing us new relationships between stress and our physiology .

177  . Out of control it caused dreadful havoc , but when it ran smoothly and sweetly it not only modified life's aridity but added a pleasing dimension to the view , while Lydia , at present , was using it only to make mud pies .

178  . The continual changing of public expenditure targets in real terms , and the confusing changes in grant systems , have played havoc with local authorities' and services' capacity to plan .

179  . "Fraternization" then becomes a catch-word for describing the work of the reversible metaphor which plays havoc with entrenched political power relations by transgressing personal , cultural , and national frontiers .

180  . Compulsive overspending in these days of credit cards and generally easy credit facilities is not merely the privilege of the rich but can be a devastating condition in which inappropriate grandiosity repeatedly causes havoc with all efforts towards financial prudence .

181  . "And I you , Caroline , " He was smiling at her with his eyes , in a way which played havoc with her composure .

182  . It is fortunate that bearer shares are such a rarity for if they became common it would play havoc with many provisions of the Act .

183  . It must not be forgotten that independent parts given to the feebler instruments are not actually heard in the tutti , but may play havoc with the clarity of design which should be the orchestrator's first aim .

184  . It remains possible , as some of the modern reconstructions have it , that the destruction of the Euboia squadron was due to the nor'-easters which wrought the havoc off Sepias , and that Herodotos , or even the Greeks off Artemision , attributed it to the second storm because they heard of it after that .

185  . "For Talisker we are bound , with a pitifully small cargo of hides and grain that the weather has played havoc with .

186  . The Myrcan stave was almost invisible as it smashed bones and cracked skulls , hurling the animals into the river , and Darmid's sword wreaked havoc also .

187  . Although the disasters resulting from interference have , so far , been few and far between , the potential for havoc is growing daily : something must be done .

188  . And since an expensive loaf caused havoc in St Jude's and trouble in everybody's weaving sheds , with demands for higher wages keeping profits down at a time when trade was far from good - when it would probably never rise again to the level of those early , heady days when the machines first came in - then Ben Braithwaite and his dinner guests had reason for their anxiety .

189  . Unassimilated , they might one day wreak havoc in her life .

190  . The storm outside was beginning to abate , but the sky was still ominously overcast and the wind was paying havoc with the trees .

191  . She would not explain herself to Luke Scott , because to do so would mean he mattered to her , and to let him matter in even the smallest way was to make herself vulnerable - to let him in at some level , and she had an intuitive sense of the havoc he could wreak once admitted to the number of those people who mattered in her life in their various ways .

192  . Luke's mouth pleasured while it dominated , and his hands roaming insolently about her body were creating havoc , the skilled , confident caresses to which he subjected her a bold proclamation of ownership .

193  . "So why would I choose you ? Why would I pretend to involve myself romantically with a woman whose sister has already wreaked such havoc in my family , hmm ? " He rose to his feet , making it clear the question was rhetorical , as Gina , feeling as humiliated as if he had actually slapped her face , tried to hide her chagrin by swallowing the remains of her coffee .

194  . What Richard had done was nothing compared to the havoc that Rourke had created within her .

195  . He might well be creating havoc with her pulse-rate , but he was only doing it to comfort her after a bad day ; it didn't mean there was anything personal in the action .

196  . Incidentally , would residents please ensure that the covers and properly replaced - otherwise wind and rain can play havoc with contents .

197  . They were a hearty task force and created havoc in the offices with their rolled up shirtsleeves and open collars revealing their tanned and hirsute chests and arms .

198  . At this Lear is outraged and all too rashly curses his once most beloved daughter , disowning her in his fury ; "Here I disclaim all my paternal care , Propinquity and property of blood , And as a stranger to my heart and me Hold thee from this forever" This curse will reverberate through the whole play and will not cease in wreaking havoc on the whole of Lear's family until , with death as a result , "The wheel is come full circle" .

199  . " "I remember them well - not the Antipas guy And the havoc his hooligans wrought - It was something about a sure light in their eye And a look of the seeker and sought .

200  . Wreaking further havoc among the dirty socks , discarded takeaway containers , unwashed dishes and unanswered correspondence is-as we have already determined-impossible , so l do something even more earth-shattering : I clean up .

201  . The flood had caused tremendous havoc , breaking down many buildings .

202  . Neil MacDonald looks at the havoc this is creating in a coup-prone land .

203  . Next morning the city's crystal-blue skies are covered by a curtain of grey smog which hides the snowy Andean peaks and causes havoc to local flight schedules .

204  . Shrimp farming is creating unemployment and environmental havoc in both Bangladesh and Honduras .

205  . Our assailants were now shooting fire arrows and these were already causing havoc amongst the defenders .

206  . Maybe she was the kind who trails havoc behind her wherever she goes .

207  . "I don't want to be accused of causing havoc in my turn .

208  . He referred to only one of the Opposition's policies that would wreak havoc on the British economy .

209  . contribution , the havoc that it is causing in terms of non-collection rates and the administrative difficulties that it is causing in magistrates courts ? Does he agree that the announcement last Thursday by the Secretary of State for Social Security is nothing short of a scandal ? It suggested that when the 20 per cent .

210  . Friend give serious consideration to the introduction of short-term selective internment ? At a time of heightened terrorist activity , would not that undermine the operational effectiveness of the terrorists and play havoc with their planned acts of violence ? Mr .

211  . Friend aware that in many parts of the Yorkshire and Humberside region unemployment is significantly lower than it was at the time of the previous election , and that what the regional CBI fears above all else is the havoc that would be caused by a Labour Government , with their commitment to a statutory minimum wage , which would wipe out so many jobs , and to the European Community social chapter , which would make British industry uncompetitive in world terms ? Mr .

212  . It is not the Government who play havoc with people's local tax bills but the Lambeths , Liverpools , and Lothians of this world .

213  . It was one of the great post-war institutions whose central purpose was political - to put an end to the frightful nationalistic quarrels which had for decades , indeed centuries , seen the people of Europe tearing each other to pieces and spreading havoc far and wide .

214  . The havoc they wreaked was total .

215  . See you there ! SHEEP KILLED BY BIG CHILL HUNDREDS of sheep and lambs have frozen to death as arctic weather conditions cause havoc for Ulster farmers .

216  . It is about outfoxing your opponent , about leading defenders into false positions___ it is about being one step ahead' Striker with a reputation as big as his physique THE MILD MANNERED ASSASSIN OUT OF such calm , such mildness of manner , a bloodying havoc is wrought .

217  . Now that Sinn Fein's votes are safely stored away , the IRA feel free to wreak havoc against targets which they regard as unionist and Protestant .

218  . The slick continued to wreak havoc among the Gulf's bird life , with large numbers of cormorants and grebes dying , often as a result of ingesting oil while attempting to preen themselves clean .

219  . But think of the havoc you have wrought amongst the enemy .

220  . The problem with furnaces is that they let a lot of gas products from the waste escape , causing havoc in the ozone layer , and polluting the air .

221  . Charles the Bald could warn or punish by leaving a trail of havoc along his line of march .

222  . Gould had escaped just in time : a week after his departure a deluge of rain hit the Namoi plains , and the flash-flood that followed wrought havoc on the countryside .

223  . When , six months later , the English Opera Group was looking for a boy soprano to play the Little Sweep in a new production of Let's Make an Opera - in which the young Michael Ingram had previously treated a Brixton audience to on-stage nudity - Benjamin Britten remembered Michael , not so much for his singing , but for the havoc he caused at the earlier auditions .

224  . This scene came towards the end of an episode in which Frank had already caused havoc in the local library , succeeded in unintentionally dismantling his neighbour's chicken house and attended an interview for a job selling farming products .

225  . It is not long before Frank is causing havoc in his new neighbourhood .

226  . What this operation can do is to cause havoc with a women's sexuality , often provoking the very opposite to what was intended .

227  . Whale is on the wireless , here in the heart of Britain's largest county , to wreck havoc , or to be gentle , sweet and loving .

228  . Species may therefore come and go from guilds without causing havoc there .

229  . The spill has wreaked havoc with the economy of Lakehead , which depends on tourism for the bulk of its business .

230  . The necessity of finding a rhyme plays havoc with the necessity for compression .

231  . " "Special ? " She gave a light , forced little laugh , moving away from the touch of his hand , which was wreaking such havoc on emotions she had tried so hard to keep under control .

232  . " "You haven't ? " The touch of his fingers on hers was playing havoc with her ability to think straight , and she knew he could see that from the faint gleam in his eyes , the way his hand tightened around hers .

233  . I'm just about due to cause havoc at a meeting of the passenger Health and Safety Committee anyway .

234  . But what about when it was over ? His nearness was creating havoc , robbing her of the power to think .

235  . " He indicated Danny , Belinda , sublimely oblivious to the possible havoc she might have caused , and the others , who were patiently waiting .

236  . They say belts would have prevented any injuries in wales___ He says if that small an accident can wreak such havoc think what a major one could do .

237  . Ulster bomb havoc Less than twenty-four hours after a bomb caused havoc at Newtownards in Northern Ireland , police foiled a major terrorist operation in Armagh following a high-speed car chase .

238  . Called the" Helikite" , it's designed to frighten off peckish pigeons , rooks and crows that can wreak havoc to crops .

239  . But to the Country Landowners Association they're vermin___ wreaking havoc in woodland across Herefordshire , Worcestershire and Gloucestershire .

240  . The former Portadown and Ulster junior has a tremendous burst of speed and time and again he played havoc with the home defence .

241  . Accidents cause havoc POLICE are investigating the causes of two separate accidents which took place within minutes of each other on the M motorway on Monday .

242  . Peter Seaman Terence Regan , left , receives the cheque from Alan Scott , watched by Les Bather , chairman of the North Wales and Merseyside Variety Club Hospital flooded as storm brings chaos to N Wales Cars swept away in the torrent at Mochdre last night Pictures : GERALLT JONES By Ian Lang Daily Post Staff PATIENTS were stranded in their beds as a torrent of flood water swept through a North Wales hospital last night when a freak rain storm brought havoc to parts of North Wales .

243  . Last night the cheque was handed over by Alan Scott , the federation's retiring president , during a banquet and ball at Llandudno's Aberconwy CentrexxxChaos struck Llandudno Hospital as the freak storm resulted in incredible scenes of havoc and distress .

244  . The build up of leaves and moisture from the sap makes wheels slip but can also play havoc with track circuits which activate the signals system .

245  . But yesterday Norman Bainbridge , of Cleveland Avenue , said students regularly ignored restrictions and parked on both sides of the roads around the college , causing havoc for motorists and blocking driveways .

246  . Centre ransacked : Burglars caused havoc when they raided the Eastfield Community Help Organisation's headquarters at Burnside , Scarborough , in their search for money .

247  . BLIZZARD conditions and torrential rainstorms wreaked havoc on the North-East yesterday .

248  . Yet , embittered pigeons have a great tendency to come home to roost at a later date , wreaking merry havoc as they zoom in on perceived injustices and ensure that all and sundry realise the iniquities of their previous employer .

249  . "The forwards did go well , but you have to wonder just how good the Welsh side were" Jim Telfer Top Fiat directors held in crackdown on corruption TWO SENIOR executives of the Italian motor manufacturer Fiat were arrested yesterday in the latest development of a huge bribery investigation wreaking havoc on Italy's political classes .

250  . Mr James Richardson , prosecuting , said Bedworth caused havoc on a scale which couldn't be imagined .

251  . Prosecutor James Richardson said : "He could get into any system and cause havoc on a vast scale .

252  . Mr Richardson said : "He caused havoc at universities all round the world , so the computer systems were inaccessible to anyone but him .

253  . There's a lot of it about A late-season flu bug has bitten Scotland , writes Ian Mullen THE Scottish Football League programme has been badly affected over the last couple of weeks , not only by the injuries which might reasonably be expected at this stage in a crowded season , but , unusually , by a flu virus which has caused havoc in the playing staffs of some of the Premier Division teams .

254  . Karina Gauvin , as Tuesday's enfant terrible (there are two casts , over four nights) , has a voice bell-bright and focused and creates her havoc with a delightful gaucheness .

255  . Though it packed a stronger punch in the north-eastern states , it wreaked greater havoc in the south .

256  . Or someone else who believed he was God's vicar on earth to dispense justice and retribution ? Or had Burghgesh survived , been taken prisoner , and then years later slipped back into England to reap bloody havoc on his foes ? Or perhaps his son and heir ? Had he really died in France , or else learnt about his father's terrible fate and secretly returned to stalk his sire's killers ? Horne chewed on his lip .

257  . Fizzy is less than pleased , but I have to admit that she adds to our amusement and wreaks havoc in about equal proportions .

258  . " We headed for "no smoking" , 'cause we're worried about us lungs Fags make you smell like ash-trays , play havoc with yer tongues .

259  . And David quite got his bearings right , full toss that one , I've , I've been watching this summer this slope at Lord's can play havoc with bowlers and I always get the impression that er , he's , he bowls better than the nursery end at Lord's , David Lawrence .

260  . He had robbed , he had murdered ! He had created havoc in the land .

261  . We still get an , er quite a few calls where fireworks have been pushed through letter boxes , in including pillar boxes , and they can cause all sorts of havoc although they'll not do an awful lot of damage to individuals .

262  . Well I think the attitude is and maybe I'm totally wrong the attitude is that if they're outside , they're not creating mess and havoc in the house .

263  . Worcester Juvenile Court has been hearing how three teenage boys wreaked havoc when they went to play on a building site .

264  . The Severn bore caused havoc again today .

265  . Gary O'Donaghue who's a blind student preparing to finish his final year at Christ Church in Oxford says the government's plan will cause havoc if it's given the go-ahead .

266  . Still to come : drunken giant wasps cause havoc in the south of England .

267  . Drunken giant wasps are causing havoc in Kent , Surrey and Sussex .

268  . But the counting of the dead and the search for survivors goes on , the residents of Plainfield , less than four thousand of them , are familiar with this sort of havoc ; in nineteen sixty seven , a tornado killed thirty two people .