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A7H 1614 This fire officer, however, refused to allow the use of a sizeable proportion of the props, around which the entire show was structured; and, although the Prince and Princess of Wales were arriving in one and a half hours' time along with five Cabinet ministers, and the cast would have no time to rehearse without the props they relied upon, he was not to be budged.

BNY 1469 I am often asked what makes a good day for bolting rabbits, bearing in mind that on some occasions they will readily leave the ground regardless of surface conditions, whereas at other times -- often under what appear to be favourable conditions -- they just cannot be budged.

CAV 45 But the mink never budged --

CR9 1992 In the French election in March, though the Socialists saw their share of seats in parliament collapse, their share of the popular vote hardly budged.

CTN 354 He figures Sun only has price in its corner and claimed Apollo users, the last of the die-hard zealots opposed to Sun on religious grounds, won't be budged simply on price.

FP1 490 But no stone budged from John's mad yelling: nor did it make him feel much better.

H8A 1890 They glared at each other, neither budged their position.

H8H 2366 He had not budged, and if she hadn't known better she would have said that he was jealous, but, of course, the idea was ridiculous.

HGV 3562 Tried to get me and Adam away and all, but we wasn't to be budged!'

HH3 4113 The queue in front of the bank hasn't budged since the beginning of June, and it's a very long queue.

HNX 869 was blocked, time hadn't budged an inch;

JY5 1034 Candy refused to be budged.

JY8 1836 Instinctively she made to move away before Travis awoke, but she had scarcely budged when a strong hand clamped down over hers, holding her still.

K1G 1816 At 4.00 pm this afternoon, the 2,000 ton span hadn't budged.

KE4 1821 and Dan was o over the front pushed me and budged.