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A0N 2480 The door did not budge.

A17 649 Dennis had been abandoned and, having wandered about long enough, he climbed into a passing car and wouldn't budge.

A6Y 462 Most of the outstanding men who first made their name in the amateur game, turned professional -- Tilden, Perry, Budge, Gonzales `Sedgman, Trabert, and then Rosewall, Hoad, and finally Rod Laver.

A74 1587 I dunno, but I just don't want to budge.

A99 81 IF MARTIN Pipe has a Gold Cup horse in his yard this season it is probably Rusch de Farges and there will be plenty of interest in this exciting young horse when he reappears in tomorrow's A.F. Budge Gold Cup at Cheltenham.

A9E 846 Thatcher refuses to budge on unity.

A9E 849 Before she left for Strasbourg, Mrs Thatcher refused to budge in her hostility to the EC Social Charter and the Delors plan for economic and monetary union.

A9R 485 The A.F. Budge Gold Cup Handicap Chase, produced a field of six and unless it rains soon even that number will be welcomed by racecourses.

ABD 1078 Since August 12th Mr Hussein has repeated like a gramophone the refrain that he will not budge from Kuwait until Israel gives up the West Bank and Gaza.

ABK 2808 Measured by the government's official poverty line -- which counts as poor a family of four with an income below $12,675, in 1989 dollars -- the proportion of blacks stuck at the bottom has refused to budge from around a third for the past 20 years, compared with a tenth of all whites.

BNY 190 They sit tight, are unlikely to budge unless really disturbed and can be easily shot with a .22 rifle or even a high-powered air rifle.

C8U 974 The dog refused to budge, so, instructing the two older girls to hold tight to the younger, I heaved up the 196lb of stubborn fur and staggered to the railing I went down to extricate my struggling son and carried him upwards followed by shrieking pleas of, `Daddy, don't leave us' and `I want a carry', from the frantic tadpole in charge of two red-faced little girls who were now starting to show signs of stain and filling tear-ducts.

CBC 540 FIG claims that Kevin saw his doctor with backache before taking out the policy and despite letters from his doctor, refused to budge until TODAY became involved.

CBF 9948 The receivers are now going through the books of his company A F Budge, of Retford, Notts.

CBF 9950 The success of Budge, 52, allowed him to indulge his passion for horses and collecting military hardware, including a Scud missile.

CBG 4403 They Old Trafford's senior strikers are in no mood to budge for the £1.2 million Frenchman, who showed his pedigree on Eusebio's big night in Lisbon this week.

CBG 6738 TIPPING Tim is favourite in all books to become only the second horse to land the Mackeson-A F Budge Cup double.

CBG 12822 Francis, who is delighted to have tied his Swedish star to a new three-and-a-half-year contract, added: `No amount of money would budge Roland from Hillsborough.

CEL 1294 The local VATman's refusal to budge clashed directly with the work of Baroness Denton, the government's small firms minister at the Board of of Trade.

CEN 4957 The doors wouldn't budge.

CG5 1729 I have tried to dismantle an old chair using conventional methods but the glued joints won't budge.

CH2 7168 Three hours later they sent a note to the judge to say they were split and could not budge from 6-6.

CHR 131 Out shopping with his mother one day, a small boy stopped at the bottom of an escalator and refused to budge.

CKB 1007 She wouldn't budge.

CPR 258 The unions said the minister promised them in a private April 19 meeting that the operator's status would not budge for two years.

CSM 317 They realised we were not going to budge until the plan was implemented.

CTT 19 USL is apparently unwilling to budge on standard pricing, knowing full well that SCO is trying to pull together an agreement for SVR4 by the time of its showpiece SCO Forum in Santa Cruz this week.

EDT 2119 But von Raab refused to budge and Customs vetoed the reclassification.

EFJ 2690 He wouldn't budge.'

FP1 2098 But he would not budge.

FR1 1002 Without comment she dropped them on the desk, standing directly in front of Preston to make it clear that she would not budge until she had her answer.

FS0 368 It occupied the moral high ground and refused to budge.

FSD 193 `I don't feel like cheering up,' I said grumpily, though I didn't budge off Mum's lap.

G09 709 But still the horses wouldn't budge: they were fixed as if something was holding them to the road.

G0M 446 While one of his ewes is in trouble he will not budge.

G1Y 1453 As Saturday passed Boswell talked of leaving Dunvegan on the Monday; Johnson said he would not budge until the Wednesday.

G2V 3487 Although when riled you dig in your heels and refuse to budge, on the whole you prefer a strife- free life and usually manage to maintain the status quo.

G3P 1013 He did not budge as Mr Gubb raised the cane above his shoulder and fixed his eyes on the boy's fingers with the concentration of a golfer addressing his ball.

GT4 770 Among his works, Mills was responsible for building in London a handsome, pilastered terrace of houses in Great Queen Street, c .1640; houses in Holborn in 1641 and in Budge Row in 1668-;9; and for extensive works at Christ's Hospital in 1667-;8.

H90 170 We left the house and walked up Budge Row into Cheapside.

HCC 65 In the first year of the resumption of the SCRE Practitioner Award, the prizes have been awarded to Ally Budge and Ron Scrimgeour.

J1H 1276 Leeds United will not budge from their £2.5million offer to buy back Elland Road.

K25 2740 BUDGE HORNE/Royal British Legion

K45 358 If Hammam refuses to budge on his asking price for Scales, then Spurs star Ruddock may be on his way to Anfield.

K4H 204 RJB is run by Richard Budge and its main asset is not coal but its Big Cats huge Caterpillar machines with shovels that can pick up tonnes of coal at a time.

K52 6836 The Pilmore Bridge didn't budge.

K59 4454 A continued improvement in house-building and a contribution from AF Budge civil engineering, acquired recently for £7.25 million, should ensure better full-year figures.

K5A 3911 Alec Stewart ran himself out as he tried for a sharp single to cover and found Atherton unwilling to budge at the non-striker's end.

K8R 341 Lowell and Zoe were in a dead-locked situation -- neither would budge.

KB9 4224 Because they, probably they won't budge.