BRUNT in the bnc

1  . As a result , the brunt of investment pressures will have to be borne by an ever-decreasing stock of pubs ; and what good pubs we have left will be more than ever exposed to the cold winds of change .

2  . The left-hand foliage pendant which once hung above the west door of the King's Drawing Room bore the brunt of the flames and only two tiny fragments of the original 7ft drop survive ; a couple of limewood crocus heads no more than an inch and a half across .

3  . I feel the brunt of unwarranted anti-dog prejudice almost every day .

4  . Walter Zenga in goal , Franco Baresi the libero , and Gianluca Vialli in attack , will carry the brunt of the responsibility today .

5  . The doctor took the full brunt of Moran's resentment .

6  . Car dealers are bearing the brunt of the recession , and their representative body , the Retail Motor Industry Federation , calls for the abolition of car tax .

7  . The Prince has a fierce temper , which Colborne often caught the brunt of .

8  . " Left-wing MPs bear the brunt of constituency challenges .

9  . " However , it was the New English Bible and the Church of England's Alternative Service which took the brunt of the prince's speech as he presented the Thomas Cranmer Schools prize , sponsored jointly by the Spectator and the Prayer Book Society , at St James's Church , Garlickhythe , in the City .

10  . " However , it was the New English Bible and the Church of England's Alternative Service which took the brunt of the prince's speech as he presented the Thomas Cranmer Schools prize , sponsored jointly by the Spectator and the Prayer Book Society , at St James's Church , Garlickhythe , in the City .

11  . She told Mr Ashdown he did not represent an inner-city constituency such as hers , which would bear the brunt of any immigration .

12  . Wimbledon had been expected to bear the brunt of the FA's displeasure because of their past record .

13  . " She said the support of other world leaders "would give a great morale boost to those soldiers who are fighting - they have to bear the brunt of the battle to uphold democracy .

14  . The association's 170 members will have to bear the brunt of new fees for proposed discharge licences and are demanding a strong inspectorate to enforce the legislation .

15  . But Mr Christopher Prout , MEP , leader of the Tories" Euro-group , which took the brunt of Mrs Thatcher's Gaullism in the European elections , becomes a knight .

16  . Manufacturing , which bore the brunt of the deep 1981 recession , is so far not badly scathed .

17  . Trade-union Solidarity is at odds with political Solidarity over who should bear the brunt of recession .

18  . Webs of bilateral deals protect them from the full brunt of competition .

19  . "Kent bore the brunt and we still receive many calls asking about replacement trees .

20  . On his return he took a more active part and in the House of Commons bore the brunt of the hostility of Mervyn Rees , the Labour Northern Ireland Secretary , but the relations between Paisley and the paramilitaries were never entirely cordial or trusting .

21  . Though clearly , whatever the logic of the situation , Hitler could still rely upon substantial bonds of undying allegiance among his most loyal supporters , especially of course those who for years had been exposed to the full brunt of Party organization and indoctrination , there seems little doubt that the mass base of unquestioned trust in Hitler was already in 1942 beginning to give way .

22  . Now , as before , the industrial heartland in and around the Rhine-Ruhr area bore the heaviest brunt of the attacks , as British Bomber Command launched a series of forty-three major raids in the "Battle of the Ruhr" between March and July 1943 .

23  . The message was clear : throughout "the great English Republic , which we call___ America , and___ the yet vaster territories of the British Colonial Empire" it was Nonconformity , not Anglicanism , which bore the brunt of English Christian witness .

24  . The women , as usual , bore the brunt of it , for everyone stayed up late , children refused to go to bed at night and men would not get up in the morning .

25  . I imagine that the brunt of this will be borne by younger voters , many of them voting for the first time , who possibly do not realise that in addition to voting they must also pay poll tax .

26  . Obituary of Brig Paul Hopkinson BRIGADIER PAUL "HOPPY" HOPKINSON , who has died aged 85 , commanded the only Indian Parachute Battalion (152) which in March 1944 bore the brunt of the Japanese assault east from the River Chindwin .

27  . It had been prepared for quite some time and the brunt of it was against the Serbs , " said Col Jovanovic .

28  . was undeniably of vital importance , we were living a comparatively sheltered life , and that the real brunt of the war was being borne by the men on the battlefield .

29  . They were often components of reefs , and in some environments it is the algae that bear the full brunt of the attack by the breakers on the exposed , seaward side of the reef .

30  . Its clients who bore the brunt of administering Spanish America , the creoles , reacted with fury and resisted .

31  . Foreign visitors sometimes suppose that the region gets its name not from its environmental character but from the complexions of so many of its inhabitants , immigrant families from India , Pakistan and the Caribbean , drawn here in the boom years of the fifties and sixties , when jobs were plentiful , and now bearing the brunt of high unemployment .

32  . " A much more consistent theme , highly significant for this generation which bore the brunt of the late nineteenth-century attack on community provision for older people , emerges when a parent's later years are mentioned : how their need for support was met .

33  . Chucking other people's money about in courageous fashion is just what architects are always being accused of doing and it is the average member who bears the brunt of such criticism .

34  . In the last ten years of her life , her two teenage sons bore the brunt of her bitter and depressed spirit , while their father turned to the bottle and left them to it .

35  . Foot soldiers bore the brunt of the fighting , not as the light , multipurpose troops that the original Frankish warriors had tended to be , but divided into functional roles such as lightly armoured spearsmen or archers .

36  . As has been the case since 1973 it is heavy fuel oil which will bear the brunt of the fall in oil demand .

37  . Carewscourt , standing on its hill high above the surrounding countryside , took the full brunt of it .

38  . "You people will bear the brunt of the fighting : others , I think , will take the glory .

39  . There is still likely to be a considerable extra work load for the daughter or daughter-in-law who is likely to bear the brunt of extra shopping , washing and keeping an eye on the elderly people .

40  . It has switched to the "cost reimbursable form" , whereby the client bears the brunt of risks but has more say in how things are done .

41  . Ethnic minorities in Britain have long borne the brunt of English racism as any Irish , Welsh , Scots , Cornish even Northerners , will testify .

42  . The indigenous community has borne the brunt of the costs of regeneration but has enjoyed few of its rewards .

43  . If we fail , my company will take the brunt , during and after .

44  . It is a strenuous physical effort to scale on a good spring day , but in the pouring rain , amidst hailing bullets , laden with uniform and the tools of war___ The north-facing slopes of the Montagne de Reims bore the brunt of the hostilities , yet the damage done to the vineyards during the Battle of the Marne was negligible compared with the inhuman slaughter and tragic loss of lives in the trenches .

45  . When she reached the summit , she was into the full brunt of the gale-force wind .

46  . The Scottish forwards faced the full brunt of the Wallaby pack .

47  . Sussex bore a considerable brunt of the next stage of the Conquest and was the first area to be systematically "Normanised" .

48  . The aliens and absentees who pushed their claims too far fanned the flames of popular revolt in Sussex in the later fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and bore the brunt of the explosions that followed .

49  . One man in particular bore the brunt of this assault , Thomas Lewkenor of Selsey , a key figure in the life of the Rape and City of Chichester .

50  . HOME IT'S far from roses all the way here , if only because other members of the family are experiencing difficulties and you end up having to bear the emotional brunt of it all .

51  . "London may have faced the brunt of their criminal acts over the past few weeks but the attacks in Manchester clearly show that the IRA is prepared to strike anywhere , " he said .

52  . "He has taken the brunt of the criticism at our ground , but wrongly so .

53  . It was depressing to think of Sien and the children he had left to fend for themselves , depressing too to remember that Theo was having to bear the brunt of his trouble as always .

54  . " "Well , James is going to have to bear the brunt of this one , " said Frederick , "but we'll chip in .

55  . "The 5% increase in house prices which we were expecting this year would have solved most of our problems , including the brunt of the arrears and repossessions , " it says .

56  . It suggests that the system should be replaced with an interest-based penalty , possibly rising to a deterrent rate , which would discourage late payment due to neglect and "playing the system" , without unduly penalising those who are genuinely unable to pay or small businesses , which are usually less organised and therefore bear the greater brunt of penalties .

57  . Campbeltown took the brunt of the shot and shell , her captain - Lieutenant-Commander S .

58  . To make matters even more wretched than they already were , Celia cried both day and night and because of Liza's deepening depression Harriet found it was she who was forced to bear the brunt of this , so much so that after a while she simply swept up baby and cot and took them into her own bedroom .

59  . But the defence of sectional privilege was easily mocked : Don't send me in the Army , George , I'm in the ASE , Take all the bloody labourers , But for God's sake don't take me ! Later in the war , as we shall see , the engineers' struggle came close to merging with the larger pacifist cause : In 1916 , however , the brunt of resistance to the Military Service Act fell on those who were prepared to resist it directly - the conscientious objectors .

60  . But I took the brunt of their anger .

61  . Kinnear said : "I just hope we don't have to suffer the brunt of it .

62  . His mother , he knew , was in for another of her bouts , and he would have to bear the brunt of it .

63  . " Labour shadow Industry minister Derek Fat&rehy ; chett says : "Small businesses are bearing the brunt of John Major's recession .

64  . "It's a high-speed collision sport and a prop forward always takes the brunt of the punishment .

65  . They have both carried the burden of bearing the brunt for Britain in international competition for the last decade and more .

66  . Sometimes this may be unfortunate pupils who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time ; but often it is the teachers' families who begin to bear the brunt , and whose reserves of tolerance and goodwill may also , after a while , begin to dry up in turn .

67  . Jews bore the brunt of such policies , but blacks were similarly despised as Hitler's refusal to recognize Jesse Owens signified .

68  . Partly because he had to take the daily grind and brunt of this hugely assured and powerful boy's pains of growth .

69  . He had borne the brunt of Rich's upbringing for almost fourteen years and the boy was past "normal" school-leaving age .

70  . The Australian bombers carried the brunt of the Commonwealth bombing operations with 85% of total ordnance dropped between 1950 and 1955 and after 1955 constituted the entire heavy bomber mission tally until withdrawal in 1958 .

71  . The brunt of Norse raids from beyond the Old World also fall upon Cothique and the Elves of Cothique have been toughened by centuries of warfare with these fierce human warriors .

72  . They had taken the brunt of battle during the war against Chaos and yet they were reviled by their fellows .

73  . "She's been slowly going out of her mind stuck here day in day out , and do you care ? Not on your bloody nellie ! I'm ashamed to admit that you're my son ! That poor innocent little child has taken the brunt of everything .

74  . California bears the brunt of illegal migration , in part because it receives nearly half the Mexicans coming across the border each year .

75  . In previous downturns , blue-collar manufacturing workers bore the brunt of job losses .

76  . The restlessness of industrialists at being expected to take the brunt of sacrifices had led to commercial consumers (shops , offices , hotels , etc .

77  . MAINFRAME BUSINESS BEARS BRUNT OF SWINGEING NEW IBM CUTS by Tim Palmer It appears that mainframe manufacturing and that of the chips that go into them will bear the brunt of the increase in voluntary redundancies and plant consolidations announced by IBM Corp last week - and Wall Street , which typically greets news of cuts as positive , is not at all happy with the latest round .

78  . " Management suffered the brunt of the reorganisation , with ZDS stripping out a whole department of sales managers .

79  . Man of the Match Phil Tufnell bears the brunt of the beer shampoo Indeed , a draw had looked the most likely result for much of the match .

80  . 1689/1796 It fell to Alexander to bear the full brunt of Napoleon's ambition .

81  . So women have to challenge owner-occupation and , in particular , council-house sales and cuts in public expenditure in housing , since it is they as housewives , mothers and single parents who inevitably bear the brunt of reduced decent public housing , and the increased push towards owner-occupation .

82  . A study of several local authorities in the 1960s revealed : Despite the tenant being referred to as "him" , it is generally the woman of the household who bears the brunt of housing management principles .

83  . It is women who bear the brunt of high-rise flats , estates with no open play spaces , inadequate laundry facilities , noise , vandalism and bad access to shops and transport .

84  . However , the structure and design of houses are very important , and if feminists do not argue for better standards , women will be subjected to working in rotten conditions , bearing the brunt of the cuts in housing expenditure , greater costs of heating , more accidents in the home and endless other problems .

85  . Ordinary farmers bore the brunt of guerrilla actions .

86  . The brunt of the fighting was borne by the 3rd Battalion , who suffered 70% casualties during eleven assaults in as many days .

87  . The army , which would bear the brunt of any Northeast Asian conflict , and the navy , with its dependence on Southeast Asian oil , were deeply divided .

88  . Before going down to the northern ramparts where the brunt of the attack was expected to fall , he took a last look round the room and saw Hari's phrenology book lying on the floor .

89  . Of every ten new over-the-counter companies , at least two go bust&quot It is the client who bears the brunt of this risk .

90  . (c) It bears the brunt of the examination of private bills .

91  . San Salvador , April 1983 The health conditions of the vast majority of Salvadoreans can only be described as critical and it is women who must bear the brunt of caring for the ill .

92  . The decision to postpone the Second Front , first to 1843 and then to 1944 , was deeply displeasing to the Russians , who felt they were being left to bear the brunt of the fighting against Germany .

93  . The bombing was concentrated both in terms of space and time ; a small number of East End London boroughs bore the brunt of the damage , typically Stepney and Bermondsey , during the first few weeks of the Blitz in late 1940 .

94  . What if it were a message ordering an advance ? What if it had been some kind of trick from those devils , those mad devils at headquarters ? What if they had lied to him and told him that the message said not to advance , knowing he would run like a deer ; when in fact the message said "advance and take the brunt of the counter-attack .

95  . The big firm thus minimises its holding of stock , and the small firm must bear the brunt of stockholding costs by holding sufficient stocks of its own finished goods to meet any order which comes from the big firm .

96  . I was much younger than Hywel , so I suppose he bore the brunt of it , but I don't remember him complaining .

97  . It's the English that vote Thatcher into power again and again and the Scots seem to take the brunt of it .

98  . Have inequalities of gender and race been widened or narrowed ? Gender inequalities Writing in 1987 , Glendinning says that "women , of all ages have borne much of the brunt of the increasing poverty and social inequality of the last eight years" .

99  . The survey bore out recent observations that smaller companies were bearing the brunt of bad debts and late payment .

100  . As I found out later , a metal necklace he was wearing had taken the full brunt of the lightning flash .

101  . Even more unfortunate that the conceptually and semantically re-engineered case management should become the focal point of the new reforms , since it (in the form of care management) , and not other components , is likely to bear the brunt of criticism and dissatisfaction with unsatisfactory aspects of the community care reforms , and the major share of blame for their ultimate and probably inevitable "failure" .

102  . The south has borne the brunt of the recession .

103  . And it is I , not you , who must bear the brunt of it .

104  . The front of the car , and those in it , took the brunt of the impact .

105  . Wages and membership will be sticky in response to iso-elastic demand shifts , while employment bears the brunt of the adjustment .

106  . Martinho's men were to form the nucleus of a Danuese battalion which would take the brunt of the war against FAKINTIL .

107  . Group comportment had deteriorated by the day , with yours truly bearing the brunt of the collective delinquency .

108  . " "Stop - stop - sh - shaking me , " she managed , when the brunt of his temper had subsided .

109  . Small inanimate objects ready to take the brunt of your tensions and frustrations , and still keep coming back for more ! To enter simply circle the following words in the square opposite and send your entry to the address below .

110  . He is smiling because behind the machine he is not taking the brunt of it , and because he is an earnest yokel who doesn't realise what he is doing to people .

111  . And those who do breed often bear the brunt of the responsibility for their children as men often fail to support their children or act as a role model .

112  . Macdonald Does the Minister accept that the islands economy now faces its worst crisis since the war ? Does he appreciate the despair and anger felt by the community at the Government's lack of response so far ? Whatever the origins of the present crisis , does he agree that the brunt should not fall on the most vulnerable in the community - the elderly , the handicapped and school children ? I extend an invitation to the Minister to visit the community .

113  . While Britain has borne the brunt of the economic crisis , Northern Ireland has been cushioned from the worst effects .

114  . Among the worst-hit buildings were : Grand Opera House , which bore the main brunt of the blast .

115  . High Street which bore the full brunt is barely recognisable .

116  . In recent weeks Walesa had launched bitter attacks on the government , accusing it of delaying economic and political reform (and especially of retaining former communists in the Cabinet) and of making workers bear the brunt of the current economic austerity plan .

117  . On April 9 , relief agencies undertook the first stage of an operation to assist Kurdish refugees inside Turkey , amidst allegations by Turkish officials that the Turkish Red Crescent had borne the brunt of the relief effort .

118  . On March 10 Roman attributed the NSF losses to the economic difficulties in the cities , which had thus far borne the brunt of economic restructuring , and to the divisions within the party .

119  . The brunt of the assault was directed at the USA , but also singled out for criticism were the European Communities (EC) , Australia , Canada , Hong Kong , Indonesia , South Korea , Singapore and Thailand .

120  . The island of Kauai bore the brunt of the storm , experiencing wind gusts of up to 250 kph and six-metre waves which left at least 8 , 000 of the island's 51 , 000 inhabitants homeless .

121  . It was us two I think what took the brunt of looking after the the younger ones because as I said , my older sister she left Bangor quite young .

122  . A possible explanation for this is suggested by the secondary case study (West , Chapter 3 in this volume) where it was reported that there were indications that heads of departments and years tended to bear the brunt of the review activities .

123  . Contemporaries such as Joseph Townshend who , in his Dissertation on the Poor Laws in 1786 , referred to the poor rate throughout as a tax , were in no doubt that the landed interest , from landlords through the gentry to large and smaller tenants and owners , bore the main brunt of the poor rate : &quotMonied men have greatly the advantage over the owners and occupiers of land , as being free from those heavy taxes , which the latter pay to the King , to the church , and to the poor .

124  . Black people continue to bear the brunt of racial violence , oppressive policing and fascist activity .

125  . Little is written about Black women and racist attacks , yet experience has shown that Black women in particular not only bear the brunt of racial violence but also of oppressive policing .

126  . Women , as the majority of NHS workers and users , will undoubtedly bear the brunt of the White Paper proposals .

127  . Women and children are bearing the brunt of the continuing terror and repression used to keep the Saddam Husain dictatorship in power .

128  . While the faded old creature who bore the main brunt of night duty would be too dozy to spot anything , Ramsbum was a different matter and Amiss was pretty sure that this was his night on duty .

129  . After her death they certainly took the full brunt , Silvio in particular .

130  . It has been a hard battle and you have borne the brunt of it .

131  . We move to redundancies , well there you will see that er er newspapers that is to say Westminster Press and Camco have borne the brunt er and I will say no more other than that the reduction in payroll year-on-year will be thirty million pounds .

132  . The sign was in the whole thing , not just the unexpected ferocity of the buck I'd killed , but also in my furious , almost unthinking response and the fate of the innocent rabbits who took the brunt of my wrath .

133  . So far , women have borne the brunt of the responsibility for birth control .

134  . Similarly , the consumer (and taxpayer) bore the brunt of de Gaulle's absolute insistence on preserving the value of the franc .

135  . Clovis was fortunate not to face the full brunt of the Ostrogothic counterattack ; the Burgundians , who did , suffered for their involvement in the campaign of 508 , and lost a substantial strip of land in the south of the kingdom .

136  . 13) it is clear to agents that the price level appropriate to this money stock is P 2 so that , the economy moves to point C , output reverts to y * ; and prices bear the entire brunt of the increase in the money stock .

137  . Gesner was in a foul mood again and Therese took the brunt of it .

138  . The result has been that sea walls have had to take the brunt of the power of waves and currents at high tide , which erodes them and requires rebuilding on an ever larger scale .

139  . The council , backing the &quotpolluter must pay&quot argument , says it is unfair for householders to bear the brunt of the cost ; a tax should be levied on pesticide manufacturers , it argues , and motorists should pay for road drainage through the car licence duty .

140  . Let me make myself very plain : I will not become the brunt of any unsavoury gossip and publicity .

141  . The depot is bearing the brunt of a package of cost cutting measures across three sites .

142  . In the run up to todays budget meeting there have been protests by parents and teachers worried that education , as the authorities biggest spender , will bear the brunt of the cuts .

143  . Millions of carers argue that they bear the brunt of the job___ without recognition , or proper payment .

144  . The Horn of Africa's bearing the brunt of it ; Ethiopia , Sudan and the comparatively wealthy Kenya .

145  . What the council has made clear in the past is that the company ought to bear the brunt of the responsibility to clear up this site .

146  . At least the porch was able to bear the brunt of it .

147  . Farmers have borne the brunt of changes needed to bring the countries of Europe into line .

148  . After Ken Evans had borne the brunt of the blame in the official inquiry report , senior Jockey Club stewards were meeting to decide whether to summon the part-timer before a disciplinary committee .

149  . After Ken Evans had borne the brunt of the blame in the official inquiry report , senior Jockey Club stewards were meeting to decide whether to summon the part-timer before a disciplinary committee .

150  . Her hands , which she threw up to protect her face took the brunt of the injury .

151  . Shared services like engineering , transmission , accounting , and publicity will bear the brunt of the cuts .

152  . Unfortunately , it is the infantry which may bear the brunt of those commitments in support of United Nations humanitarian or peace-keeping duties , or in conjunction with other emerging multinational or international force structures .

153  . The social work department bore the brunt of the violence between December 1991 and November 1992 , with 272 incidents recorded .

154  . While railway workers in England and Wales would suffer the brunt of redundancies , any severe job losses would be bound to have a knock-on effect in Scotland .

155  . One treasury suggestion is to cut senior personnel because one estimate shows that junior ranks have taken the brunt of the cuts so far .

156  . The other prominent group in the United Kingdom was motor industry workers , who had also borne the brunt of the attack on shopfloor organization and working practices .

157  . Grievances were felt particularly strongly by migrant workers who bore the brunt of the hardship because they were almost completely unorganized .

158  . South East England would bear the brunt of the increase with a total of 1 .

159  . All highly commendable , but what about the thousands of humble seamen , greasers , stewards and stokers who bore the brunt of that battle to save civilisation , and have since received virtually no recognition ? I can only hazard a guess at what it must have been like to sail in a typical convoy , with bombers and submarines liable to strike at any moment , or to brave the Western Approaches with only a couple of inches of rusting metal between yourself and the enemy .