Limitations of ndfas for the representation of mwus

Budge and shred_of in non-affirmative contexts


Thatcher refuses to budge on unity. (BNC)

They sit tight, are unlikely to budge unless really disturbed. (BNC)

strikers are in no mood to budge (BNC)

No amount of money would budge Roland from Hillsborough. (BNC)

The local VATman's refusal to budge clashed directly with the work of Baroness Denton. (BNC)


she wondered if any shred of loyalty had survived her desertion (BNC)

any shred of hope for a negotiated settlement would vanish (BNC)

But I don't see that either of us could produce a shred of evidence to support our extremely unlikely thesis (NEG-transportation) (BNC)

Has the Prime Minister one shred of sympathy for Britain's beer drinkers? (BNC) (rhetorical question)


Ne pas faire dans la dentelle


Je ne crois pas qu’il soit homme à faire dans la dentelle. (NEG-transportation)

Je doute que Françoise ait jamais prétendu que son mari était homme à faire dans la dentelle. (NEG-transportation : a long-distance dependency)

Pourquoi ferait-il dans la dentelle?
Je doute qu’il se mette à faire dans la dentelle.

(similarly Pourquoi se moucherait-il du pied? / Je doute qu’il se mette à mâcher ses mots / Croyez-vous que ce soit une mince affaire?, etc.)

Another long-distance dependency : relativization


Worrying not so much about the effects of heavy-duty exercise on their bodily contours, but with the havoc it is wreaking on their faces . (BNC)

And the havoc his hooligans wrought (BNC)

The havoc they wreaked was total (BNC)

The havoc they had compelled the teachers to wreak on their classrooms was hellish to see.

The havoc they thought they would be able to compel the teachers to wreak on their classrooms would be hellish to see.