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Translations for lemma = car


1 automobile


2 des voitures


3 en voiture


4 de voiture


5 nacelle {f} ┴de dirigeable┬

       [n,[i,compartment / of hot-air balloon],[l,aviat,gen],[o,hot-air balloon],m]

6 cabine {f} (d'ascenseur)

       [n,[i,compartment / of lift],[o,lift,elevator],m]

7 (voiture {f} de) tramway {m}, tram {m} # tramway {m}


8 voiture {f}, automobile {f}, auto {f}


9 wagon {m}, voiture {f}


10 []


11 []

       [n,[l,Úrail],[x,dining car/freight],c]



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Displaying lemmas for keyword list [car]


1] car

2] 'do you know anything about cars?'_'plenty!'

3] 2 hours ahead of the next car

4] French make of car

5] I always wanted a car like this

6] I am not conversant with sports cars

7] I can't afford to run a car

8] I can't do without the car

9] I can't help it if the car breaks down!

10] I can't run to a new car

11] I could see his legs sticking out from under the car

12] I couldn't get out of the way of the car in time

13] I didn't get a clear look at the car

14] I don't have a company car, I use my own

15] I don't want just any old car

16] I don't want to use the car

17] I had an idea of buying a car but didn't do so

18] I had him clean the car

19] I had my car pinched

20] I hadn't budgeted for a new car

21] I have a car on loan from the company

22] I haven't enough space to turn the car

23] I headed the car for the sea

24] I knocked the car against the gatepost

25] I knocked the gatepost with the car

26] I left him cleaning his car

27] I like the line of this car

28] I like the lines of this car

29] I like the look of the car

30] I like travelling by car

31] I managed to squeeze the car through the gap

32] I mean to say, who wants a car that won't start?

33] I offered them £800 for the car but they let me have it for less

34] I pay £500 in insurance on the car

35] I piled the children into the car

36] I prefer taking the train to going by car

37] I prefer to take the train rather than go by car

38] I put my car in to be serviced

39] I saw him steal a car

40] I saw him stealing a car

41] I saw the car and walked up to it

42] I see they've bought a new car

43] I signalled John to get the car

44] I sold her my car

45] I sold my car to her

46] I sold the car for £1500 and mind you I had had it 4 years

47] I think I'll take the car

48] I want the car cleaned

49] I was just thinking: suppose we sold the car?

50] I wouldn't trust him anywhere near my car

51] I'd give my eyeteeth for a car like that

52] I'd give my eyeteeth for that car

53] I'll collect you in the car

54] I'll have a car laid on for you

55] I'll never get the car through here

56] I'll put my name down for a company car

57] I'll put the prize money toward a new car

58] I'll put the prize money towards a new car

59] I'll see to the car

60] I'll send a car for you

61] I'll send a car

62] I'm looking for a space to park the car in

63] I'm ringing about the car advertised in Monday's paper

64] I'm sticking with my current car for now

65] I've got a line on a good used car

66] I've got a new car

67] I've had no experience of driving this type of car

68] I've had nothing but bad luck with that car

69] I've had years of service from that car

70] I've invested in a new car

71] I've locked myself out of my car

72] I've no experience of driving this type of car

73] I've put the car in for repairs

74] I've taken a fancy to that car

75] OUR car

76] Pullman car

77] Z-car

78] a 1956 model car

79] a 6-cylinder car

80] a FWD car

81] a Russian-built car

82] a bad car for learning to drive in

83] a battered old car

84] a beauty of a car

85] a car at the lower end of the range

86] a car at the top end of the range

87] a car drew out in front of me

88] a car is a must in the country

89] a car is not an essential

90] a car journey

91] a car key

92] a car of my choice

93] a car of one's own

94] a car of some sort

95] a car of your very own

96] a car pitted with rust

97] a car to me is just something to get me from A to B

98] a car with 40,000 kilometers on the clock

99] a car with French number plates

100] a car with a difference

101] a car with a folding top top

102] a car with a metallic finish

103] a car with a two-tone finish

104] a car with plenty of luggage space

105] a car, or rather an old banger

106] a chauffeur-driven car

107] a few stray cars

108] a formula-one car

109] a four-door car

110] a free car is not to be sniffed at

111] a front-wheel drive car

112] a good long look at the car revealed that...

113] a handy little car

114] a hell of a lot of cars

115] a lack of public concern featured prominently in the car-bomb story

116] a line of cars nose to tail

117] a line of parked cars

118] a neat little car

119] a really ancient car

120] a roadworthy car

121] a row of cars

122] a snazzy new car

123] a spanking new car

124] a sports car with the hood down

125] a standard car

126] a steady stream of cars

127] a street jammed with cars

128] a superbly styled car

129] a ten-horsepower car

130] a truck with two police cars in hot pursuit

131] a two-tone car

132] a veteran car

133] a whole mob of cars

134] a world leader in car manufacturing

135] accessorize your car with...

136] agent for Ford cars

137] all kinds of cars

138] an E registration car

139] armoured car

140] as a clincher they offered him a company car

141] at this rate we'll never be able to afford a car

142] baggage car

143] be polite about his car!

144] beautiful cars at affordable prices

145] blinded by the dazzle of the car's headlights

146] bring the car to a smooth stop

147] bubble car

148] bubble-car

149] buffet car

150] bumper car

151] bumping cars

152] by car

153] by the time I saw the car, it was practically on top of me

154] cable car

155] caddie car

156] can you manage 2 more in the car?

157] can you squash 2 more people in the car?

158] car accessories

159] car accident

160] car allowance

161] car bomb

162] car bombing

163] car boot sale

164] car chase

165] car coat

166] car commercial

167] car crash

168] car crime

169] car deck

170] car drivers

171] car expenses

172] car factory

173] car ferry

174] car fitted with a radio

175] car fleet

176] car hire company

177] car hire

178] car importer

179] car industry

180] car journey

181] car licence

182] car maintenance

183] car manufacture

184] car manufacturer

185] car number

186] car of French make

187] car or no car, you've got to get to work

188] car owner

189] car park

190] car parked sideways on to the kerb

191] car phone

192] car production has risen recently

193] car racing

194] car radio

195] car registration number K971 VBW

196] car rental

197] car ride

198] car seat

199] car sickness

200] car sleeper

201] car smash

202] car stereo

203] car stuck in the mud

204] car that responds well to controls

205] car theft

206] car thief

207] car trade

208] car transporter

209] car user

210] car wash

211] car with a maximum speed of

212] car with blue interior trim

213] car with blue trim

214] car with registration number K971 VBW

215] car with rhd

216] car with right-hand drive

217] car worker

218] car-boot sale

219] car-buyers

220] car-fare

221] car-ferry

222] car-pool

223] car-worker

224] cars are coming down in price

225] cars are within everyone's reach nowadays

226] cars at the top end of the market

227] cars at the upper end of the market

228] cars dotted along the route

229] cars have fallen in price

230] cars have gone up in price

231] cars in a price range of £15,000 to £20,000

232] cars jammed the roads

233] cars jammed up the roads

234] cars of all kinds

235] cars of various kinds

236] cars should proceed slowly

237] cars were parked three deep

238] chauffeur-driven car

239] club car

240] combat car

241] compact car

242] company car

243] competition car

244] continental car

245] corporate car

246] countless cars

247] courtesy car

248] crime car

249] custom car

250] damage of £300 was done to the car

251] damn the car!

252] did you touch the other car?

253] diesel car

254] dining car

255] do not leave valuablesin your car

256] do you know whose car was stolen?

257] domestic car manufacturers are outmaneuverd by foreign competitors

258] domestic car manufacturers are outmanoeuvred by foreign competitors

259] don't park the car in the street

260] elevator car

261] estate car

262] fancy anyone buying that old car!

263] flat car

264] follow that car!

265] for a car of that size the mileage was very good

266] freight car

267] from the rear the car looks like...

268] front-wheel drive car

269] get an expert to look the car over before you buy it

270] get him to clean the car

271] get your car out of my way!

272] gondola car

273] hailstones showered down on to the car

274] hailstones showered on to the car

275] halfway along the line of cars

276] have any of you got a car?

277] he billed me for repairing the car

278] he bought another car on top of the one he's got already

279] he bought such an expensive car that...

280] he can well afford a new car

281] he certainly looks after his car

282] he crashed the car into a tree

283] he crashed the car through the barrier

284] he crashed the car

285] he did a proper job of repairing the car

286] he drives racing cars

287] he drove his car straight at me

288] he drove the car straight at me

289] he eased the car into gear

290] he edged the car closer to the kerb

291] he fancied he heard the car arrive

292] he gave me a bill for repairing the car

293] he gave me a ride into town in his car

294] he gave me the use of his car

295] he gave the car a knock

296] he got smashed up in a car crash

297] he had a fancy for sports cars

298] he had his car stolen

299] he handed the lady into the car

300] he handed the lady out of the car

301] he has a long car ride to work

302] he has enough money to buy a car

303] he has expensive tastes in cars

304] he has gone through four cars

305] he has got a way with cars

306] he has set his heart on a new car

307] he headed the car towards town

308] he helped his mother into the car

309] he is saving toward a new car

310] he is saving towards a new car

311] he just missed the other car

312] he kept the car engine running

313] he knows what he's talking about when he's on the subject of cars

314] he landed me with washing the car

315] he lashed out and bought a car

316] he leapt clear of the car

317] he leapt into the car

318] he leapt out of the car

319] he left the car outside

320] he locked the steering wheel on his car

321] he made heavy weather of cleaning the car

322] he made his way back to the car

323] he maneuverd the car through the gate

324] he manoeuvred the car through the gate

325] he needs a car only he can't afford one

326] he passed the car on the outside

327] he pestered his father into lending him the car

328] he piled up the car last night

329] he plunged and bought a car

330] he pointed the car towards the town

331] he put down £100 as a deposit on the car

332] he put down £100 on the car

333] he put the car into gear

334] he put the car's nose towards the town

335] he ran towards the car and was 5 yards off it when...

336] he reversed the car into a tree

337] he said I could use his car

338] he sat in the car with the windows up

339] he saw the lights of the cars

340] he scrambled into the car

341] he scrambled out of the car

342] he shone his torch on the car

343] he slept in the car

344] he slewed the car round

345] he slewed the car

346] he spends a lot of money on his car

347] he spends a lot on his car

348] he stepped into the car

349] he stole the car at her instigation

350] he swung the box on to the roof of the car

351] he swung the box up on to the roof of the car

352] he swung the car around

353] he swung the car round the corner

354] he took me home in his car

355] he took the car and left me stranded

356] he traded in his old car

357] he travels to work by car

358] he turned the car over

359] he turned the car round

360] he walked her to her car

361] he wanted to show off his new car

362] he was about 3 car lengths behind me

363] he was charged with having stolen a car

364] he was shot out of the car

365] he was smashed up in a car accident

366] he was so intent on catching the bus that he didn't see the car

367] he was thrown clear of the car

368] he was tinkering about with the car

369] he was tinkering with the car

370] he waved the car through the gates

371] he worked on the car all morning

372] he wrapped the car round a lamppost

373] he wrote his car off in the accident

374] he's been at me to buy a new car

375] he's been on at me to buy a new car

376] he's bought a car, no less

377] he's crashed the car twice already

378] he's fiddling about with the car

379] he's fiddling around with the car

380] he's fiddling with the car

381] he's having difficulties with his car

382] he's having difficulty with his car

383] he's very clever with cars

384] he's very sticky about lending his car

385] her car conked out

386] her car was broken into

387] her car's a real smasher

388] her new car is tons better than the other one

389] hire car

390] hired car

391] his car got out of control

392] his car hit me broadside on

393] his car is giving him trouble

394] his car is red but mine is blue

395] his car rolled to a stop

396] his car went out of control

397] his expensive cars are witness to his wealth

398] his expensive cars bear witness to his wealth

399] his heart is set on a new car

400] his neglect of his car

401] his own car

402] hopper car

403] hordes of cars

404] hotrod car

405] how do the cars compare for speed?

406] how long is the car from front to back?

407] how many cars will the car park accommodate?

408] how much clearance is there between my car and yours?

409] if I can afford it, I'll buy a car

410] if we lumped together we could buy a car

411] in a car crash

412] in the excitement we forgot to lock the car

413] in the path of the car

414] in-car entertainment system

415] in-car entertainment

416] in-car stereo system

417] inside the car

418] insurance for the car

419] invalid car

420] is that the best the car can do?

421] is there anybody in the car?

422] isn't this car a beauty!

423] it doesn't make economic sense to own a car in town

424] it entailed buying a car

425] it isn't an economic proposition to own a car in town

426] it isn't economic to own a car in town

427] it takes a long time for the car to start

428] it was Sophie's idea to sell the car

429] it was a crush in the car

430] it was an object lesson in how not to drive a car

431] it was no problem parking the car

432] it wasn't his usual car

433] it's a second-hand car but it looks like new

434] it's a short car run

435] it's a solid car but the finish is not good

436] it's no consolation that the car is intact

437] it's no different from driving a car

438] it's not the best car in the world, but it's good for the money

439] it's only a short ride by car

440] it's pretty much like driving a car

441] it's standard equipment on all their cars

442] it's the best car out

443] it's the dearest car on the market

444] jaunting car

445] jaunty car

446] just the style of car I like

447] left-hand drive car

448] let the car take care of itself for a moment!

449] life in the West is dominated by the car

450] long-stay car park

451] long-term car park

452] mail car

453] many cars

454] more cars than before

455] more cars than expected

456] more cars than people

457] motor car

458] mud-spattered car

459] multistorey car park

460] multistoreyed, car park

461] multistoried car park

462] muscle car

463] my car didn't come up to scratch

464] my car has a bash on the door

465] my car is back on the road again

466] my car is good for another few years

467] my car is in dock

468] my car is jammed in

469] my car is off the road just now

470] my car is on the road again

471] my car is red but hers is blue

472] my car is red but theirs is blue

473] my car is red but yours is blue

474] my car will do 120 km/h with a following wind

475] my car won't start

476] my first ever car

477] my money won't stretch to a new car

478] my new car is faster than the old one

479] not much damage was done to the car

480] observation car

481] on bikes as well as in cars

482] one car

483] otherwise it's a very good car

484] our luggage was stolen from the car

485] overflow car park

486] panda car

487] parlor car

488] passenger car

489] patrol car

490] pedal car

491] police car

492] precious few cars

493] private car

494] prowl car

495] racing car

496] radio car

497] railroad car

498] raise the car till the wheel clears the ground

499] ramshackle old car

500] rent-a-car

501] rental car

502] restaurant car

503] rickety old car

504] right-hand drive car

505] saloon car racing

506] saloon car

507] scenic car

508] scout car

509] scrap car

510] second-hand car dealer

511] second-hand car salesman

512] self-drive car hire

513] self-drive car

514] self-drive hire car

515] she can tell you a thing or two about car engines!

516] she drove her car over a cliff

517] she forced him into the car

518] she had the car in pieces in the garage

519] she has a German-registered car

520] she has a car and a motorbike besides

521] she never gets to drive the car

522] she ran the car into a tree

523] she rolled her car

524] she smashed the car into a tree

525] she took a dim view of his selling the car

526] she was at her husband to buy a new car

527] she was on at her husband to buy a new car

528] she's a fine car

529] short-term car park

530] since when has he got a car?

531] sleeping car

532] slot car

533] small stones showered down on to the car

534] small stones showered on to the car

535] smoking car

536] some sort of car

537] soon petrol-driven cars will be a thing of the past

538] sports car

539] squad car

540] start the car when I give you the thumbs up

541] stay within sight of the car

542] stock car

543] stock-car racing

544] suppose we take the car?

545] switch-car

546] tank car

547] that bitch of a car

548] that car certainly shifts

549] that car has become an object of worship for her

550] that car has worn well

551] that car is a curse!

552] that car is a neat little number

553] that car is not safe to drive

554] that car is quite something!

555] that car is really something!

556] that car must have set him back a good deal

557] that car must have set him back a packet

558] that car must have set you back a bit

559] that car of hers

560] that car of his is always breaking down

561] that car of his

562] that car of ours

563] that car of theirs

564] that car was a complete waste of money

565] that car will be the death of her!

566] that car

567] that car's going very fast!

568] that infernal car

569] that motherfucking car!

570] that was some car!

571] that's a nifty car

572] the Italian car is in front on the tenth lap

573] the average person cannot afford to run three cars

574] the back end of the car

575] the basic car without the trimmings

576] the best car that money can buy

577] the best test of a good car is...

578] the blue car is his

579] the bodies were recovered from the wreckage of the car

580] the car and the motorbike alongside

581] the car arrived and we all piled in

582] the car banged into a tree

583] the car behind

584] the car bounced along the bad road

585] the car bounced along the track

586] the car bumped up onto the pavement

587] the car bumper has had a bash

588] the car came tearing around the corner

589] the car came to a gentle stop

590] the car chase is a cinema cliché

591] the car cleared the lamppost

592] the car cost a bomb

593] the car covered us in mud

594] the car crashed through the gate

595] the car crumples on impact

596] the car drew alongside the lorry

597] the car drew over towards the centre of the road

598] the car drew up alongside me

599] the car drove headlong into the wall

600] the car drove up the road

601] the car forced the motorbike into the ditch

602] the car forced the motorbike off the road

603] the car gets regular use

604] the car goes with the job

605] the car got stuck on a slope

606] the car grips the road well

607] the car had a low mileage

608] the car had been given a respray

609] the car handles badly

610] the car handles well

611] the car has a dated look

612] the car has failed its MOT test

613] the car has failed its MOT

614] the car has given up on me

615] the car has had 2 previous owners

616] the car has passed its MOT test

617] the car has passed its MOT

618] the car has started acting up

619] the car has trim lines

620] the car hasn't given me a moment's trouble

621] the car in front isn't moving

622] the car is OK

623] the car is a bad performer on hilly terrain

624] the car is a dream to drive

625] the car is a good performer on hilly terrain

626] the car is cheap to run

627] the car is clean

628] the car is coming up for its annual service

629] the car is good for another 10,000 km

630] the car is heavy on petrol

631] the car is in a very bad way

632] the car is in the drive

633] the car is not performing properly

634] the car is not very steady on corners

635] the car is on the drive

636] the car is only worth what you can get for it

637] the car is ours all right

638] the car is ours alright

639] the car is overdue for a service

640] the car is provided with a radio

641] the car is pulling to the left

642] the car is running smoothly

643] the car is sitting rusting in the garage

644] the car is taxed till November

645] the car is the worse for wear

646] the car is to be sold

647] the car is unsafe to drive

648] the car is working great

649] the car isn't pointing in the right direction

650] the car isn't pulling very well

651] the car jerked along

652] the car jumped out of gear

653] the car knocked against the lamppost

654] the car knocked into the lamppost

655] the car knocked the gatepost

656] the car lasted me 8 years

657] the car left the road

658] the car let me down

659] the car let us down

660] the car lurched along

661] the car made a sharp turn

662] the car missed the taxi by a hairbreadth

663] the car mounted the pavement

664] the car mounted the verge

665] the car moved along in a series of jerks

666] the car moved along in a series of jolts

667] the car moved backwards a little

668] the car moved round the corner

669] the car needs a push

670] the car needs a respray

671] the car needs attention

672] the car nosed into the traffic

673] the car of your dreams

674] the car only exists on paper

675] the car overturned and the driver was pitched out

676] the car overturned and they were tipped into the roadway

677] the car picked up once we got out of town

678] the car piled up against the wall

679] the car ploughed through the fence

680] the car plowed through the fence

681] the car plunged off the road

682] the car plunged over the cliff

683] the car proved a success

684] the car proved to be a success

685] the car pulls to the left

686] the car racket

687] the car ran bump into a tree

688] the car ran fair and square into the tree

689] the car ran into a tree

690] the car ran out of petrol

691] the car rattled along

692] the car rattled off

693] the car righted itself

694] the car rips along

695] the car roared into life

696] the car roared up the street

697] the car rolled down the hill

698] the car runs on diesel

699] the car scraped past the lamppost

700] the car seats five

701] the car shot out of a side street

702] the car shot past

703] the car skidded and ploughed into the crowd

704] the car skidded and plowed into the crowd

705] the car skidded on the ice

706] the car skidded to a halt

707] the car skidded uncontrollably

708] the car slewed round to a stop

709] the car slewed to a stop

710] the car slipped out of gear

711] the car slithered about all over the place

712] the car slithered all over the place

713] the car smashed into the tree

714] the car somersaulted into the ravine

715] the car sounds a bit unhealthy

716] the car splattered mud everywhere

717] the car spun off the road

718] the car squeezed into the empty space

719] the car steers badly

720] the car steers well

721] the car stood abandoned by the roadside

722] the car stopped short of the house

723] the car stuck in the mud

724] the car suddenly died on me

725] the car swept round the corner

726] the car swept up to the house

727] the car swerved away from the lorry on to the verge

728] the car swung into the drive

729] the car takes a beating on that road

730] the car threaded its way through the narrow streets

731] the car took a lot of punishment

732] the car took the corner too fast

733] the car travelled so fast it felt like flying

734] the car turned at the end of the street

735] the car turned into a side street

736] the car veered across the road

737] the car veered off the road

738] the car wants cleaning

739] the car was a complete wreck

740] the car was a total loss

741] the car was coming straight at me

742] the car was coming straight towards me

743] the car was cruising along at 80 km/h

744] the car was cruising at 80 km/h

745] the car was doing 100

746] the car was fairly going it

747] the car was going all out

748] the car was going flat out

749] the car was headed for Paris

750] the car was heading for Paris

751] the car was hit obliquely by the lorry

752] the car was in neutral

753] the car was jacked up

754] the car was lapping at 200 km/h

755] the car was not built for speed

756] the car was racing the train

757] the car was really travelling

758] the car was still a fair way off

759] the car was struck diagonally by a lorry

760] the car was stuck between two trucks

761] the car was suddenly right on top of me

762] the car was supplied with a radio

763] the car was weaving in and out through the traffic

764] the car was weaving its way in and out through the traffic

765] the car was wedged between two trucks

766] the car went clean through the hedge

767] the car went into a lamp post

768] the car whipped round the corner

769] the car whooshed past

770] the car will do 120 km/h

771] the car will do 150 km/h

772] the car will have to go

773] the car will meet the train

774] the car won't be ready for another 6 weeks

775] the car won't start in the wet

776] the car won't start

777] the car won't start_we need a push

778] the car works a treat now

779] the car wouldn't start

780] the car wound up in the ditch

781] the car zoomed past us

782] the car's lights penetrated the darkness

783] the cars below

784] the cars beneath

785] the cars crashed at the junction

786] the cars down below

787] the cars whistled by us

788] the cars zinged past

789] the children swarmed round his car

790] the collision sent the car straight into a hedge

791] the collision sent the car straight into a wall

792] the company has a fleet of cars

793] the company is well positioned to sell a million cars this year

794] the craze for sports cars

795] the damage is confined to the back of the car

796] the design of the car allows...

797] the efficiency of a car

798] the factory pours out hundreds of cars a day

799] the father of the motor car

800] the field provides plenty of space for a car park

801] the front end of the car

802] the fuel efficiency of a car

803] the gangsters' getaway car was later found abandoned

804] the hood of the car was up

805] the idea is to sell the car to him

806] the impact sent the car over the cliff

807] the inconveniences of having no car

808] the insurance company decided to write off his car

809] the intruder fled when he heard the car

810] the last car to be made in Abingdon

811] the least expensive car

812] the line of cars wound slowly up the hill

813] the lorry forced the car off the road

814] the lorry was right on top of the car in front

815] the money will go towards a new car

816] the motion of the car made him ill

817] the owner of car number...

818] the people pressed round his car

819] the points to look for when buying a car

820] the rail strike penalizes those who haven't got a car

821] the rain washed the car clean of mud

822] the road was thick with cars

823] the roads were crowded with cars

824] the robbers had a getaway car outside the bank

825] the royal car swept down the avenue

826] the running costs of the car are high

827] the smash as the car hit the lamppost

828] the space occupied by a car

829] the sports car craze

830] the square was solid with cars

831] the stolen car landed up in the river

832] the stolen car racket

833] the stupid car won't start!

834] the surge of people around the car

835] the thing he loves most is his car

836] the thinking person's sports car

837] the trailer parted company with the car

838] the two cars are not easily distinguishable

839] the two cars met head-on

840] thefts from cars

841] their car is really quite something

842] their car is red but ours is blue

843] their country lags behind ours in car exports

844] their fleet of cars

845] there is a market for small cars

846] there is a ready market for small cars

847] there is garage space for 3 cars

848] there was a 10-car pileup on the motorway

849] there was nobody in the car

850] there wasn't anybody in the car

851] there were quite a lot of cars

852] there were six of us in the car_it was a tight squeeze

853] there's a jinx on this car

854] there's an awful lot of cars

855] there's nothing the matter with the car

856] there's something the matter with her car

857] these conditions test a car's strength

858] these conditions test a car's tyres

859] they all squeezed into the car

860] they all went in the one car

861] they are road-testing the car tomorrow

862] they bought the car for £6,000

863] they changed their car for a smaller one

864] they crushed into the car

865] they had a getaway car waiting

866] they had passed an occasional car on the road

867] they had to cut the driver free from his car

868] they have swapped cars

869] they hustled him into a car

870] they passed us by in their car

871] they pushed him out of the car

872] they pushed the car off the road

873] they quoted us £200 for repairing the car

874] they recovered the car from the river

875] they rolled the car to the side of the road

876] they shoved the car off the road

877] they surged round the car

878] they tumbled out of the car

879] they were riding in a car

880] they were standing talking near the car

881] they'll send a car for you

882] they're providing cars for whoever comes

883] this bleeding car!

884] this bloody car!

885] this car can certainly travel

886] this car can do 100

887] this car can hit 160 km/h

888] this car can scorch from 0 - 80 mph in under 10 seconds

889] this car comes expensive

890] this car corners well

891] this car does 100 km on a tankful of petrol

892] this car does 100

893] this car doesn't steer well

894] this car eats up petrol

895] this car eats up the miles

896] this car goes like a bomb

897] this car handles bends well

898] this car has a good lock

899] this car has been nothing but trouble

900] this car has had it

901] this car has taken a battering over the years

902] this car has very clean lines

903] this car holds the road well

904] this car is OK but I prefer the other one

905] this car is a lemon

906] this car is a liability for us

907] this car is a very modern design

908] this car is alarmed

909] this car is heavy on petrol

910] this car is left-hand drive

911] this car is moderately priced

912] this car is not good on hills

913] this car is ours

914] this car is theirs

915] this car is underpriced

916] this car is very cheap to run

917] this car knocks spots off other models

918] this car may be old, but it gets you there

919] this car outperforms its competitors on every score

920] this car runs on diesel

921] this car seats 6 in comfort

922] this car uses too much petrol

923] this car uses up too much petrol

924] this car was originally built for export

925] this car wasn't made to carry 8 people

926] this car will do 100

927] this car's a nice little number

928] this is a really dependable car

929] this is a wicked car to start

930] this is where the car was found

931] this make of car is supposed to be a good bet

932] this make of car is supposed to be a safe bet

933] this model includes a car radio as standard

934] to aspire to a second car

935] to back the car in

936] to back the car into the garage

937] to back the car out of the garage

938] to back the car out

939] to be car sick

940] to be great at fixing cars

941] to be in a car pool

942] to beat the dents out of a car wing

943] to bundle into a car

944] to choose which car one wants

945] to clock a car

946] to coax a car into starting

947] to crash a car into a bus

948] to crown it all, the car broke down

949] to drive a car into the ground

950] to fall out of a car

951] to get into a car

952] to get the car going

953] to get the car repaired

954] to get the car valeted

955] to give a car a bump-start

956] to give one's car a beating

957] to give sb a courtesy car

958] to go for a ride in a car

959] to go for a run in the car

960] to go for an outing in the car

961] to go out for a run in the car

962] to go to the expense of buying a car

963] to hand sb out of a car

964] to have experience in working with cars

965] to have experience with cars

966] to have one's car serviced

967] to hot-wire a car

968] to inch the car into the garage

969] to jump out of a car

970] to keep a car as a backup

971] to keep control of a car

972] to lift sth into the car

973] to live by buying and selling used cars

974] to load the luggage into the car

975] to lock oneself out of one's car

976] to look at cars in a showroom

977] to lose control of a car

978] to lure sb into a car

979] to navigate a car

980] to park the car

981] to pile luggage into a car

982] to put a car in gear

983] to put one's car in for service

984] to put the car away

985] to reverse a car out of a garage

986] to reverse one's car across the road

987] to reverse one's car down the hill

988] to reverse one's car into the garage

989] to rid the streets of cars

990] to run a car into the ground

991] to run the car into a tree

992] to run the car into the garage

993] to run the car out of the garage

994] to run the car over to the garage

995] to search every inch of the car

996] to sell a car for scrap

997] to siphon petrol out of a car

998] to sit in the back of a car

999] to sit in the front of the car

1000] to slip a car into gear

1001] to stagger to the car

1002] to steal from a car

1003] to swing a car around a corner

1004] to take a car for a trial run

1005] to take a car in part exchange

1006] to take a car in tow

1007] to take a car's number

1008] to take one's car in for its MOT

1009] to take the car for a drive

1010] to take the car to the garage

1011] to travel by car

1012] to wash the mud off the car

1013] to wave down a car

1014] touring car

1015] tow car

1016] toy car

1017] travel by car

1018] trolley car

1019] two impacted cars

1020] two-seater car

1021] underground car park

1022] unmarked police car

1023] used car lot

1024] used car salesman

1025] various kinds of car

1026] veteran car

1027] vintage car

1028] watch out for cars when crossing the road

1029] watch that car!

1030] we all piled into the car

1031] we can all get in the car but it will be a squeeze

1032] we can all get in the car but it will be a tight squeeze

1033] we can't get home other than by car

1034] we couldn't get the car over

1035] we had a bit of bother with the car

1036] we had a bit of fun getting the car started

1037] we had a slight mishap with the car

1038] we had a spot of bother with the car

1039] we have produced the ultimate sports car

1040] we heard a noise like a car backfiring

1041] we need somebody who can repair cars

1042] we often use one another's cars

1043] we picked up a rabbit in the car headlights

1044] we waited for the car to stop

1045] we were very crushed in the car

1046] we won't need a car

1047] we've got problems with the car

1048] what I like about this car is...

1049] what a nice car!

1050] what a peach of a car!

1051] what car do you drive?

1052] what did you get for your car?

1053] what do you want with another car?

1054] what kind of car is it?

1055] what make is your car?

1056] what make of car have you got?

1057] what mileage has this car done?

1058] what points do you look for when buying a car?

1059] what sort of car is it?

1060] what state is the car in?

1061] what type of car is it?

1062] what type of car?

1063] what's up with the car?

1064] what's wrong with the car?

1065] whatever happens, don't get out of the car

1066] when can I have my car back?

1067] when the car arrived they all squashed in

1068] which of you owns the red car?

1069] while in charge of a car, he...

1070] who owns this car?

1071] whoosh of a car going by

1072] why not sell the car?

1073] with his fancy house and his fancy car how can he know how the ordinary man lives?

1074] yet more cars

1075] you can take my car, such as it is

1076] you can trust me with your car

1077] you can't teach him anything about cars

1078] you have to get the feel of a new car

1079] you should have seen the state the car was in

1080] you too can own a car like this

1081] you'd be better going by car than by bus

1082] you'd be surprised at how many cars there are

1083] you'd be surprised how many cars there are

1084] you'll get a better mileage from this car

1085] you're welcome to use my car

1086] your car doesn't sound very healthy

1087] your car should sell for 18,000 francs

1088] your precious car



As collocate :


WCOD: node is CAR, criterion is CANBE.

(all the things that a car can be…)


1] Mickey Mouse    à la noix

2] OK              pas mal

3] accessible      abordable

4] ambassadorial   de l'ambassadeur

5] ancient         très vieux/vieille

6] beat-up         déglingué

7] best-selling    le/la plus vendu/-e

8] better          mieux

9] big             gros/grosse, grand

10] black           noir

11] blazing         embrasé, en feu, en flammes

12] bridal          des mariés

13] broken-down     en panne

14] brown           marron

15] bulletproof     blindé

16] burnt-out       calciné

17] clapped-out     crevé

18] clapped-out     pourri

19] classy          chic, de luxe

20] clean           propre, net

21] convertible     décapotable

22] cool            branché

23] crumpled        écrasé

24] cursed          maudit

25] custom-built    fabriqué sur commande

26] dependable      fiable

27] dirty           sale

28] dreamy          ravissant

29] economical      économique

30] electric        (à propulsion) électrique

31] empty           vide

32] executive       de direction

33] expensive       cher/chère

34] flashy          tape-à-l'oeil, clinquant

35] flash           tape-à-l'oeil

36] good            bon, sûr

37] high-class      de luxe

38] high-powered    de grande puissance

39] high-tech       ultramoderne

40] homebound       rentrant chez soi

41] immobilized     immobilisé

42] imperfect       défectueux/-euse

43] in prime condition en excellent état # en parfaite condition

44] jolty           cahotant, bringuebalant

45] kaput           fichu, foutu, kaput

46] knackered       foutu, cassé

47] large           grand

48] leading         de tête

49] leading         en tête de course

50] left-hand drive avec la conduite à gauche

51] lousy           moche

52] manageable      maniable

53] mickey-mouse    à la noix

54] model           modèle réduit

55] modern          moderne

56] neat            super, formidable

57] new-look        nouveau/-elle

58] new             neuf/neuve

59] nifty           chouette

60] nippy           rapide

61] okay            pas mal

62] old             vieux # vieux/vieille

63] oncoming        venant en sens inverse, qui approche, qui arrive

64] open            découvert, décapoté

65] ownerless       sans propriétaire

66] parked          en stationnement

67] passing         qui passe (/ passait)

68] peppy           nerveux/-euse

69] posh            chic, de riches, de rupins

70] posh            chic, rupin

71] prestige        de prestige

72] pretend         imaginaire

73] quiet           silencieux/-ieuse

74] ready           prêt

75] regimental      régimentaire

76] reliable        bon, solide, fiable

77] rented          de location

78] responsive      nerveux/-euse

79] restyled        nouvelle version

80] right           en état, qui marche (bien)

81] roomy           spacieux/-ieuse

82] runaway         fou [{f} folle]

83] second-hand     d'occasion

84] secondhand      d'occasion, de seconde main

85] self-drive      de location sans chauffeur

86] shabby-looking  délabré

87] shining         luisant, reluisant

88] shining         reluisant (de propreté)

89] shining         étincelant

90] shiny           brillant, reluisant

91] six-year-old    vieux [{f} vieille] de six ans

92] sizeable        assez grand

93] sleek           aérodynamique

94] small           petit

95] smart           élégant

96] smooth-running  qui ne secoue pas, qui ne donne pas d'à-coups

97] snazzy          tape-à-l'oeil

98] solid           solide, robuste

99] souped-up       gonflé

100] spacious        spacieux, grand

101] stand-by        de réserve

102] stinking        infect

103] stray           isolé

104] stunning        sensationnel/-elle, fantastique

105] stylish         beau/belle

106] stylish         qui a une certaine élégance

107] swanky          rupin, luxueux/-euse

108] swell           chic, rupin

109] swell           classe

110] tinny           de camelote

111] turbocharged    à moteur turbo

112] ultimate        dernier cri

113] underslung      surbaissé

114] uneconomical    peu économique

115] uneconomic      peu économique

116] unregistered    non immatriculé

117] unreliable      peu fiable

118] unroadworthy    qui n'est pas en état de marche

119] unsafe          dangereux, peu sûr

120] unscratched     intact

121] untaxed         sans vignette

122] up-market       haut de gamme

123] used            d'occasion

124] winning         gagnant

125] wrecked         accidenté, complètement démoli

126] yuppie          de yuppie

127] zappy           rapide, qui fonce / gaze



WCOD: node is CAR, criterion is CANDO.

(all the things that a car can do…)


1] accommodate     contenir

2] approach        (s')approcher

3] back down       descendre en marche arrière

4] back out of     sortir de en marche arrière

5] back out        sortir en marche arrière

6] backfire        pétarader

7] be a write-off  être irréparable, être bon pour la casse / la ferraille

8] be at a standstill être immobile # être à l'arrêt

9] be built for    être conçu pour

10] be going strong marcher toujours bien

11] be in a bad state être en mauvais état

12] be in a good state être en bon état

13] be in bad condition être en mauvais état

14] be in bad nick  être en mauvais état

15] be in first     être en première

16] be in good condition être en bon état

17] be in good nick être en bon état

18] be on its last legs avoir fait son temps

19] be on the inside être sur / dans la voie de droite

20] be on the road  être en tournée # être en état de rouler

21] be past its prime avoir connu des jours meilleurs

22] be sandwiched between être pris en sandwich entre, être coincé entre

23] be squashed out of shape être complètement écrasé

24] beep            klaxonner

25] belt along      filer sur

26] belt down       filer sur

27] blaze away      brûler

28] blaze           brûler

29] bowl along      filer à toute allure # rouler bon train

30] bowl down the street descendre la rue à bonne allure

31] break down      tomber en panne

32] bump            heurter

33] bump            heurter, tamponner

34] chug along      avancer en haletant / en faisant teuf-teuf

35] chug            haleter, faire teuf-teuf

36] climb           monter, grimper

37] clock up        faire

38] coast downhill  descendre en roue libre

39] collide with sth head-on heurter qch de plein fouet / de front

40] come into collision with entrer en collision avec

41] come past       passer

42] come to a standstill s'immobiliser # s'arrêter

43] come to rest    s'arrêter, s'immobiliser

44] conk out        tomber en panne

45] corner          prendre un virage

46] crash           s'écraser

47] cross           se croiser, se rencontrer

48] cruise          parcourir

49] cruise          rouler

50] cruise          rouler à sa vitesse de croisière

51] cruise          être en maraude

52] dash            se heurter, se jeter

53] draw away       démarrer

54] draw level      arriver à la même hauteur

55] draw up         s'arrêter, stopper

56] draw            tirer

57] drive away      démarrer

58] drive back      revenir

59] drive in        entrer

60] drive on        poursuivre sa route

61] drive out       sortir

62] drive slowly    aller au pas

63] drive up        arriver

64] eat up          dévorer

65] eat             bouffer, consommer

66] edge out        se dégager petit à petit

67] fall apart      tomber en ruine

68] feature         être équipé de

69] fish-tail       chasser

70] fly             filer

71] founder         s'embourber

72] gather momentum prendre de la vitesse

73] get off         démarrer

74] give a lurch    faire une embardée

75] give out        tomber en panne

76] give way        céder / laisser la priorité

77] glide in        entrer comme en glissant / en douceur

78] glide out       sortir comme en glissant / en douceur

79] glide           glisser

80] go at full blast aller à toute pompe / à toute bitture

81] go bowling along rouler bon train

82] go downhill     descendre la côte / la pente

83] go flat out     être à sa vitesse de pointe

84] go full blast   aller à toute pompe / à toute bitture

85] go into         rentrer dans, heurter

86] go like a dream marcher à merveille

87] go phut         péter, rendre l'âme

88] go slowly       aller lentement

89] go uphill       monter (la côte)

90] go wonky        se détraquer

91] go wrong        ne plus marcher # tomber en panne

92] go              marcher, fonctionner

93] go              partir

94] handle badly    être difficile à manier

95] handle well     être facile à manier

96] have a good lock bien braquer

97] have a near miss faillir se percuter

98] head for        se diriger vers

99] hold together   tenir (ensemble)

100] honk            klaxonner, corner

101] hoot            klaxonner

102] hug the kerb    serrer le trottoir

103] hurtle along    avancer à toute vitesse / allure

104] jam             encombrer

105] jam             encombrer, embouteiller, obstruer

106] join the queue  se mettre dans la file

107] keep in         tenir sa gauche

108] keep up         suivre

109] labor up a hill peiner dans une montée

110] labour up a hill peiner dans une montée

111] lead            être en tête

112] let her rip!    appuie!, fonce!

113] let it rip!     fonce!, appuie!

114] log             rouler à

115] lurch           faire une embardée

116] meet            se croiser

117] move freely     circuler aisément

118] move off        démarrer

119] move slowly     aller lentement

120] nip along       filer

121] nose in         se glisser dans une file

122] nose out        déboîter prudemment

123] overheat        chauffer

124] overturn        se renverser

125] overturn        se retourner, capoter

126] pack in         tomber en panne

127] pack up         tomber en panne, rendre l'âme

128] pass            passer

129] pass            passer (avec succès)

130] pick up speed   prendre de la vitesse

131] pile up         se rentrer dedans

132] plane           faire de l'aquaplanage

133] plough up       défoncer

134] pour from       sortir en grand nombre de

135] pour in         arriver de toutes parts / en masse

136] pour out of     sortir en grand nombre de

137] pour out        sortir en masse

138] pour            affluer

139] proceed along   avancer sur

140] proceed to      avancer jusqu'à

141] pull away from  s'éloigner de

142] pull away       démarrer

143] pull away       se détacher

144] pull back       reculer

145] pull in         s'arrêter

146] pull off        démarrer, partir

147] pull out        déboîter

148] pull out        démarrer

149] pull over       s'arrêter (sur le côté)

150] pull sharply to the left virer brusquement à gauche

151] pull up         s'arrêter (net)

152] purr            ronronner

153] putter          brouter

154] queue up        faire la queue

155] queue           faire la queue

156] respond         répondre

157] roll along      rouler tranquillement

158] roll backwards  reculer

159] roll down       dévaler

160] roll off        sortir de

161] roll off        tomber de

162] roll over       se retourner

163] roll            faire un tonneau

164] run into        heurter, rentrer dans

165] run out of petrol tomber en panne d'essence

166] rush            foncer

167] scorch along    foncer

168] scorch along    rouler à toute vitesse

169] scorch          foncer

170] scorch          rouler à toute vitesse

171] she spun round in her chair faire un tête-à-queue

172] shoot in        entrer en flèche

173] shoot out       sortir comme une flèche

174] shoot out       sortir en flèche

175] shoot past      passer en flèche

176] sideslip        déraper

177] simmer          cuire

178] skid all over the road déraper en travers de la route

179] skid            déraper

180] slew round      déraper par l'arrière

181] slew            déraper par l'arrière

182] slide about     glisser, partir en glissade

183] slide around    glisser, partir en glissade

184] slide           glisser, partir en glissade

185] slip away       s'éloigner doucement

186] slip back       retourner doucement, revenir doucement # revenir / retourner doucement

187] slip down       glisser

188] slip in         entrer doucement

189] snow under      être couvert de neige

190] somersault      faire un / plusieurs tonneau(x)

191] sound one's horn klaxonner

192] speed up        accélérer

193] spin along      filer

194] splash through sth traverser qch en faisant des éclaboussures

195] squeeze in      rentrer tout juste, avoir juste la place

196] squeeze past    passer

197] squeeze past    se faufiler, se glisser

198] squeeze through se faufiler, se glisser

199] stall           caler

200] start up        démarrer, se mettre en route

201] start           démarrer, se mettre en route

202] steam along     avancer à toute vapeur

203] steam away      partir à toute vapeur

204] straggle in     entrer les uns après les autres / par petits groupes (détachés) / petit à petit

205] straggle out    sortir les uns après les autres / par petits groupes (détachés) / petit à petit

206] stream in       entrer à flots

207] stream out      sortir à flots

208] stream past     passer à flots

209] stream          affluer

210] stream          sortir à flots

211] strike          cogner contre, heurter

212] strike          heurter, rentrer dans

213] suffer          souffrir, être endommagé

214] surge forward   démarrer en trombe

215] swing round     faire un tête-à-queue

216] swing round     virer

217] take a bashing  se faire éreinter # en prendre un (vieux / sacré) coup

218] take a beating  en voir de dures

219] take a bend     prendre un virage / un tournant

220] take a lot of punishment encaisser # être mis à rude épreuve

221] take up a lot of space prendre une grande place / beaucoup de place, être encombrant # prendre / occuper beaucoup de place

222] take            prendre

223] tear along the road filer à toute allure le long de la route

224] tear away       démarrer en trombe

225] telescope       se télescoper

226] throw up        projeter

227] tick over       tourner

228] trail           suivre

229] travel          aller, rouler, passer

230] turn in to a driveway entrer / tourner dans une allée

231] turn out of a driveway sortir d'une allée

232] turn over and over faire plusieurs tonneaux

233] turn over       se retourner, faire un tonneau

234] turn            tourner

235] veer            virer

236] warm up         chauffer

237] warm up         se réchauffer

238] wheel           braquer fortement

239] whizz along the road filer à toute allure le long de la route

240] whizz by        passer à toute allure

241] whizz past      passer à toute allure

242] work            marcher, fonctionner

243] zap along       foncer, gazer

244] zap             foncer

245] zing along      filer à toute allure

246] zip in          entrer comme une flèche

247] zip out         sortir comme une flèche

248] zip past        filer à toute allure # passer comme une flèche

249] zip up          monter comme une flèche



WCOD: node is CAR, criterion is DOTO.

(all the things that one can do to a car…)


1] MOT             effectuer le contrôle technique de

2] abandon         abandonner, laisser

3] acquire         acquérir

4] advertise       mettre / passer une annonce pour

5] alarm           installer un système d'alarme sur

6] back            faire reculer

7] bash in         défoncer, cabosser

8] bash up         bousiller

9] bash up         cabosser

10] be conversant with s'y connaître en

11] be protective of veiller jalousement sur

12] block in        bloquer

13] booby trap      piéger

14] box in          coincer

15] break into      forcer la portière de

16] break in        roder

17] bring to a standstill arrêter

18] build           construire

19] bump-start      démarrer en poussant

20] buy             acheter

21] cannibalize     démonter pour en réutiliser les pièces

22] care for        entretenir

23] change          changer de

24] christen        inaugurer

25] clamp           mettre un sabot de Denver à

26] clean sth from  enlever qch de

27] clean sth off   enlever qch de

28] climb into      monter dans

29] clock           trafiquer le compteur de

30] control         avoir / garder la maîtrise de

31] convert         adapter

32] cram into       s'empiler / s'entasser dans

33] cram sth into   enfoncer / fourrer qch dans

34] cram            bourrer

35] crank up        faire partir à la manivelle

36] crank           faire démarrer à la manivelle

37] crank           faire partir à la manivelle

38] crash           avoir une collision / un accident avec

39] cream           bousiller

40] crowd           entasser

41] crowd           serrer

42] crush           écraser, broyer

43] dent            bosseler, cabosser

44] direct          diriger

45] dispose of      vendre

46] ditch           abandonner

47] drive back      ramener

48] drive           conduire

49] dude up         habiller

50] dump            se débarrasser de

51] equip with      équiper de, munir de, doter de

52] exchange        faire un échange de

53] ferry across    faire passer (en bac / par bateau / par avion)

54] ferry over      faire passer (en bac / par bateau / par avion)

55] ferry           faire passer (en bac / par bateau / par avion)

56] find            trouver

57] fingerprint     relever les empreintes digitales sur

58] fit sth into    loger qch dans, trouver de la place pour qch dans

59] fit sth in      loger qch dans, trouver de la place pour qch dans

60] flag down       héler, faire signe à

61] flag            héler, faire signe à

62] follow          suivre

63] gear            équiper d'un embrayage

64] get into        monter dans

65] get through     faire passer

66] give a face lift to refaire la carrosserie de

67] halt            bloquer

68] handle          manoeuvrer, conduire

69] have a good look at examiner soigneusement

70] have a pride in prendre (grand) soin de

71] have a thing about adorer, avoir la folie de

72] have designs on avoir des vues / des visées sur

73] have one's eye on sb avoir envie de

74] have one's eye on sb loucher sur

75] have one's eye on sth avoir envie de

76] have one's eye on sth loucher sur

77] have pride in   prendre (grand) soin de

78] have the use of avoir l'usage de

79] hear            entendre

80] hijack          s'emparer de force de

81] hire out        louer, donner en location

82] hire            louer

83] hold on         garder

84] hold together   faire tenir

85] how many does it seat? elle a combien de places?

86] immobilize      immobiliser

87] inch sth forward faire avancer petit à petit # faire avancer qch peu à peu / petit à petit

88] insure          (faire) assurer

89] invest in       investir dans

90] jack up         soulever avec un cric

91] jump-start      démarrer avec des câbles

92] junk            mettre à la ferraille

93] keep            avoir

94] keep            entretenir

95] knacker         bousiller

96] knock off       subtiliser

97] lap             prendre un tour d'avance sur

98] lash out on     faire une folie et acheter

99] lay up          remiser

100] lease           louer

101] lease           louer à bail

102] let her rip!    appuie!, fonce!

103] let it rip!     fonce!, appuie!

104] license         délivrer la vignette pour

105] lock            fermer à clef, verrouiller

106] look after      entretenir

107] look at         jeter un coup d'oeil à

108] look over       examiner

109] maintain        entretenir

110] make a dent in  cabosser, bosseler

111] mend            réparer

112] move            déplacer, changer de place, bouger

113] muck up         bousiller

114] neglect         ne pas s'occuper de, ne prendre aucun soin de

115] nose out        battre d'un cheveu

116] overtake        dépasser, doubler

117] overturn        renverser

118] park            garer, parquer

119] pat             taper, tapoter, donner une tape à

120] personalize     personnaliser

121] point sth towards diriger qch vers

122] polish up       astiquer, briquer

123] polish          astiquer, briquer

124] prang           bousiller

125] prang           pilonner

126] produce         produire, fabriquer

127] pull over       forcer à se ranger sur le côté

128] punish          fatiguer, ne pas ménager

129] push over sb    renverser

130] push over sth   renverser

131] push            pousser

132] race            courir en

133] race            faire la course avec

134] race            lancer (à fond)

135] ram             rentrer dans, heurter

136] ready           préparer

137] rear-end        emboutir l'arrière de

138] rent            louer

139] respray         refaire la peinture de

140] restyle         changer la ligne de

141] return          rendre

142] reverse         faire rouler en marche arrière

143] rig out         équiper

144] right           redresser

145] rip apart       déchiqueter

146] road test       tester sur route

147] roll along      pousser

148] run into        heurter, rentrer dans

149] run in          roder

150] run             entretenir

151] save up for     mettre de l'argent de côté pour s'acheter

152] save up towards mettre de l'argent de côté pour s'acheter

153] scrap           envoyer à la ferraille / à la casse

154] scratch         érafler

155] sell            vendre

156] send to the breaker's envoyer à la casse

157] service         réviser

158] shift           déplacer, changer de place, bouger

159] show off        exhiber

160] side            déraper

161] slipstream      rouler dans le sillage de

162] slow down sb    ralentir

163] slow down sth   ralentir

164] smack           écraser

165] smash up        accidenter, bousiller

166] soup up         gonfler

167] sponge down     laver avec une éponge

168] spot            reconnaître

169] spot            voir

170] spray           peindre à la bombe

171] spring          suspendre

172] squash sb into  entasser qn dans

173] squash sth into entasser qch dans

174] stall           caler

175] start up        faire démarrer

176] start           faire démarrer

177] steer           diriger

178] steer           piloter, conduire

179] step into       monter dans

180] strip           démonter complètement

181] style           concevoir

182] style           créer, dessiner

183] swerve          faire faire une embardée à

184] swing round     faire tourner / virer

185] tag             coller un papillon / une contravention sur

186] tag             mettre un papillon sur

187] tailgate        coller au pare-chocs de

188] tail            suivre, filer

189] take a good look at examiner soigneusement

190] take a pride in prendre (grand) soin de

191] take apart      démonter

192] take care of    entretenir

193] take care of    prendre soin de, s'occuper de

194] take control    prendre le volant

195] take off        emmener

196] take over       prendre livraison de

197] take pride in   prendre (grand) soin de # être fier/fière de

198] tamper with     tripoter, manipuler en douce # toucher à ┴sans permission┬

199] tank up         remplir d'essence

200] tart up         rénover, retaper, rajeunir

201] test-drive      faire faire un essai de route à, essayer

202] the blackened remains of les restes calcinés de

203] tinker with     faire des retouches à, remanier # bricoler

204] total           bousiller, démolir

205] trace           retrouver

206] trade in        faire reprendre

207] try             essayer

208] turn around     tourner dans l'autre sens

209] turn            tourner

210] underseal       traiter contre la rouille (le châssis de)

211] use             se servir de, utiliser, employer

212] veer            faire virer

213] warm up         faire chauffer

214] wash down       laver à grande eau

215] watch           surveiller

216] wax             lustrer

217] wheelclamp      mettre un sabot de Denver à

218] wreck           détruire

219] write sb off    bousiller complètement

220] write sb off    mettre en épave

221] write sth off   bousiller complètement

222] write sth off   mettre en épave



WCOD: node is CAR, criterion is ISOF.

(in relation with car, not necessarily part-of…)


1] back door       portière arrière

2] bed             châssis

3] beep            coup de klaxon

4] body            carrosserie

5] boot            coffre, malle (arrière)

6] bumper          pare-chocs

7] burr            bruit assourdi

8] care            entretien

9] chug            teuf-teuf

10] clearance       dégagement, espace libre

11] controls        commandes

12] crash           collision, accident

13] deceleration    décélération, freinage

14] depreciation    dépréciation, perte de valeur

15] designer        concepteur/-trice

16] design          conception

17] design          plan, dessin

18] door            portière

19] driver          conducteur, -trice

20] feature         accessoire

21] finish          finition

22] frame           châssis

23] front           avant

24] fuel consumption consommation de carburant

25] fuel tank       réservoir

26] gadgetry        tous les gadgets

27] glamor          fascination

28] glamour         fascination

29] handle          manivelle

30] handling        maniement

31] headlamp        phare

32] headlight       phare

33] heater          chauffage

34] hire            location

35] hire            prix de (la) location

36] honk!           tut-tut!

37] honk            coup de klaxon

38] honk            tut-tut!

39] hoot            coup de klaxon

40] horn            klaxon, avertisseur (sonore)

41] licence number  numéro minéralogique / d'immatriculation / de police

42] life            durée

43] line            file

44] line            rangée

45] log book        [approx] carte grise

46] look            aspect

47] lurch           embardée

48] maintenance     entretien, maintenance

49] maker           constructeur

50] manufacturer    constructeur

51] manufacturing   construction

52] newness         état (de) neuf

53] nose            avant

54] number          modèle

55] outside         aspect extérieur, apparence

56] outside         extérieur, dehors

57] passing         passage

58] performance     performances

59] price on delivery prix clés en main

60] procession      cortège, défilé

61] production      fabrication

62] purr            ronronnement

63] queue           file

64] rear            arrière

65] reliability     qualité, robustesse, solidité, fiabilité

66] rental          (prix de) location

67] roof            toit

68] roominess       habitabilité

69] row             file

70] running board   marchepied

71] running costs   frais d'entretien

72] run             trajet

73] service         révision

74] servicing       révision

75] set             collection

76] show            salon

77] sideslip        dérapage

78] side            côté

79] sill            bas de caisse

80] size            dimensions

81] skid            dérapage

82] sleekness       ligne aérodynamique

83] smoothness      régularité

84] sort            marque

85] sound           bruit

86] stable          écurie

87] starting handle manivelle

88] streamlining    carénage

89] stream          flot, succession, défilé ininterrompu

90] style           modèle

91] style           style, cachet

92] styling         ligne

93] top             toit

94] type            modèle

95] upkeep          entretien

96] version         modèle

97] washing         lavage

98] waxing          lustrage

99] window          vitre, glace, fenêtre

100] wing            aile

101] wreckage        épave

102] wrecker         marchand(e) de ferraille



WCOD: node is CAR, criterion is MOD.



1] clockwork       mécanique

2] demonstration   de démonstration

3] dream           de rêve

4] mid-range       de milieu de gamme

5] police          de police

6] prestige        de prestige

7] quality         de qualité

8] racing          de course

9] rally           de rallye

10] toy             petit

11] works           de l'entreprise


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