Vicious dogs killed my cat.


White cars enjoy my preference.


Long walks made his day.
























The concept of interpretation domains : units which, on their own, seem to be candidates for interpretation :


NPs, VPs, Ss


white cars, vicious dogs, long walks, my cat, my preference, his day


killed my cat, enjoy my preference, made his day


vicious dogs killed my cat, white cars enjoy my preference, long walks made his day



Intersection procedures : vicious_things and dog_things / white_things and car_things /

                                      my_things and cat_things /

                                      my_things and preference_things / his_things and day_things


‘Action’ readings : a killing, an enjoying, a making


Words not used as building blocks everywhere : enjoy+my+preference rather than enjoy + my + preference

                                                                          made_his_day ß make one’s day  (made+his+day)


white cars enjoy my preference à I prefer white cars


Interpretation of ‘prefer’ : interpretation of the background against which the preference makes sense :

white cars / non-white cars : red, blue, etc.

(what part or parts of the car need to be white ?)


I prefer roses (to other FLOWERS / to other GIFTS / to other ???)


The classes (categories) roses belong to are, conceptually, infinite. The bundling of roses with carnations or tulips, or bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates,

is part of our understanding of ‘roses’.


‘She enjoyed his preference’ (sexual reading ; Google example) – the « literal » reading is secondary here, needs to be retrieved ;

standard DOES NOT mean literal in a huge nber of cases